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In the comments section of a Townhall article, someone brought up the term "thought experiment" and suggested that you could have an interesting and engaging time with Biden supporters by engaging in such an experiment.

Here is an inspired way to apply the concept: If your liberal friends are still speaking to you, and it's getting more difficult all the time, ask them why they support Joe Biden and to do so without making reference in any way to Donald Trump. In other words, without mentioning the president's name or referring to him directly or indirectly, ask your friends what specifically prompts them to want to vote for Joe Biden.

Besides the utter amusement that you’ll experience (which you must contain to not rile your friends), be prepared for some hesitation, some uncomfortable moments, and a general lack of articulation.

Let Us Count the Ways, if Any

Might some of your friends refer to Joe Biden's ‘notable’ record in government service over the last 47 years? That would be interesting since even some staunch Democrats on talk shows can't seem to find anything to say about his long-term record.

Perhaps your liberal friends will discuss Biden’s support of African Americans? Likely not, since he has spent much of his career introducing legislation and favoring policies that diminish the economic livelihood and potential freedoms of African Americans, including the 1994 crime bill.  

Could your friends refer to his outstanding scholarship? He claims to be the first in his family to have gone to college, to have ranked high in his college graduating class, and to have achieved various academic awards. None of these assertions are true. However, your liberal friends might cite them since they themselves have been utterly brainwashed by the complicit media. 

Friends in High Places

Might your liberal friends refer to Joe's experience as vice president for eight years? During this time, the national debt under Obama and Biden grew by an amount that exceeded all previous administrations combined. What's more, the so-called 'scandal free' Obama/Biden Administration is now proving to be so scandal prone that in every single month during their administration, some major scandal was under way.

The recent revelations about Hunter Biden's cash windfalls from Ukraine, Russia, and China could keep your conversation going for days. Many Democrats are well aware of the Hunter Biden and Biden family follies, but they won't allow the name Hunter Biden to creep into their everyday conversation. 

In an act of kindness, remind your liberal friends about key topic areas. Perhaps they favor Biden’s business acumen? Oops, he has none. Or, his ability in finance and economics? Hmm. Not sure about this. What about his stalwart efforts in securing peace in the Middle East? Oh, wait, better not touch that subject. Support of the #MeToo movement? Be serious.

A Little Help from My Friends    

You could help your liberal friends by suggesting less hot-wired issues, potential topics such as education, defense, religious freedom, rights of the unborn, and so much more. By now, however, your friends, whether or not anyone admits it, will begin to understand the only reason they could possibly be voting for Joe Biden. That reason is they dislike Donald Trump. Okay, understood. There are plenty of rough edges around the president's personality. Still, there is no denying his effectiveness in terms of accomplishing what he said he would.

As your conversation winds to a close, be gracious. You likely have exposed your liberal friends' lack of articulation to themselves about why they would vote for Joe Biden. They know they hate Trump, but is that enough to hand the country over to someone who is in such little control of his own faculties that he will be dominated by handlers who have no intention of maintaining the America that we know?

After the thought experiment ends, or if your friends are sufficiently exasperated, allow them to refer to Donald Trump. Now, you'll find that they can go on and on about all the reasons why they prefer to have Joe Biden as president, mostly so that Trump won’t be president. As to Joe Biden, in and of himself? There is no sound reason on earth to vote for him.

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