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It’s been available for decades, yet I still marvel at the basic features of spreadsheet software. If you’re creating a 12-month cash flow, and you increase one of your expenses, bingo! All of the impacted rows and columns immediately adjust. Your newly entered data automatically results in updated and accurate totals throughout the spreadsheet. If you increase or decrease an expense item, or a revenue item, once you’ve entered the change, your 12-month cash flow recalibrates and instantly indicates the latest cash inflows and outflows on a monthly basis.

So it is with the Left in America, and throughout the world. The moment any event or development can be put to use in furthering the Left’s causes, it automatically happens. Within the U.S., this applies to anything regarding President Trump, and everything that has transpired since he won the election, was inaugurated, has served as POTUS, is running for re-election, and gave his nomination acceptance speech on the White House south lawn. 

Recalculating in Real Time

You don’t like how many people voted for him? Recalculating... We will continue to hear that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Never mind that President Trump, like previous Republican candidates for president, didn’t campaign in California or New York, or in other Democratic stronghold states where, no matter what he did, he would not win the electoral college votes. 

If the popular vote count was the deciding factor, and not electoral votes, Trump would have gone to California and New York, and could’ve swayed one million or more voters in each state, thereby winning the popular vote as well. Has anyone considered that?

You don’t like his travel ban of seven countries around the world whose security measures are lax? Let’s see, what can we make of this? Most of the seven countries have a majority of Muslims. Recalculating... There it is! Trump has issued a decree against Muslim travel to the U.S. And, he hates all Muslims. Although the assertion is false, the Left has run with it for four years. No Russian collusion? Recalculating...  Impeachment sham? Recalculating...   

Surrogates Will Do

Even when President Trump is not directly involved in a news item, the Left, like clockwork, instantly and automatically recalibrates what has occurred, seeking to inflict maximum damage against the president. Nicholas Sandmann, of Covington Catholic High School, wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, is standing his ground as a Native American and Black Israelites mock him and his fellow students.

Yes, here it is! This youth is openly displaying hostility towards minorities. He is a ‘Trump’ youth, so he must be punished, not just for this event, but for his whole life. Recalculating... the mainstream media goes into overdrive. Let's make an example of this Trump youth. Let's find out where he lives and rally outside of his house. 

Let's see where Nicholas Sandmann has applied to college and ensure that no place accepts him. Let's follow him throughout his life and make sure that he doesn't land a decent job. For his unpardonable 'face crime,' let's gleefully destroy his life. 

Is it any wonder that The Washington Post had to settle with Nicholas Sandmann out of court for one quarter of a billion dollars to avoid a lengthy lawsuit that they surely would have lost?

A Headless Monster

The beauty of the Left’s smear machine is that no central authority presides. You can’t step back and blame only Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, or even Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. You cannot focus solely on The New York Times or The Washington Post, which, having irrevocably tarnished their century-long reputations, today serve as fundamental Leftist tools of propaganda. They each spew out hate, 24/7 toward the President and his administration. 

The continual assault on Donald Trump, and the inexorable effort to portray him in the worst possible light, is a mass reflexive action to which the mainstream press gravitates with such speed, that future historians will be hard-pressed to describe it.

In city after city, as anarchists infiltrate what otherwise might be peaceful protests, the Left’s immediate reflexive posture is that these are all ‘peaceful protests.’ Recalculating... Trump is creating controversy to strengthen a campaign platform. He sends in federal troops, not to quell riots, not to protect citizens, not to protect federal property, and not to diminish vandalism, looting, and mayhem. He does it as a ploy!

As Always, It’s Trump’s Fault

Major media outlets reporting nonsense about Trump’s motives run cover for the Left. Like you and me, reporters can see what’s going on. Still, they eagerly lie through their teeth. In their warped sense of duty, anything and everything that can be used against the President will be. The hell with the safety of citizens, and the preservation of the Union.

Recalculating... Let’s ignore an insurrection so obvious that a nine-year-old could describe it. Instead, let’s call it Trump’s fault!

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