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Polls show that more Americans are deeply concerned about the fate of our country than at any time in our history, including WWII, the Cold War, and 9/11. In all of those cases, some measure of unity existed in addressing our common foes. Today, the deep cultural rift between the Left and the Right, and the opposing views over issues that seemingly have no middle ground, are tearing at the fabric of our society. 

Encampment America

The Democrat’s long-standing claim as the party concerned with the common man and woman has morphed into something grotesque and often violent. We are a nation infected with an entitlement and ‘social justice’ mentality from which many individuals will never retreat. We are beset with great masses of low-information voters, most having been brainwashed by our schools. Will the ‘woke’ hustlers win election after election for the duration of our nationhood?            

Despair about progressivism doesn’t change what is happening in the country or around the globe. All of the email chatter in the world doesn’t lessen the pace of the destruction. What would help? How could those who feel as I do make a vital difference in the health and vitality or of our nation? 


For one, support endeavors that counterbalance the effects of the mainstream media. The nation’s major newspapers, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times, among throngs of others, maintain an unwritten cabal to support Joe Biden, irrespective of his illicit dealings with Ukraine and China, deep state malfeasance, gross incompetence, dementia, disparaging comments about African Americans, and everything else. 

These are the same newspapers who have given Bill Clinton a 40-year pass for sexual assault, and issued Bill and Hillary Clinton a pass of equal length for discrediting or publicly destroying his female victims. These are the types of “news” organizations preferred by most Massachusetts voters who gave Ted Kennedy a 47-year pass for what, at the least, was the manslaughter death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

Media giants as impactful as those cited above have been censoring and contorting the news for generations, while constantly claiming that any view from the Right is antiquated or misconceived. 

Billions of Dollars in Focus

We lament “progressivism,” but where is the sustained effort to fund, support, and maintain print as well as television and internet media, that truly counterbalance the effects of the mainstream media? We need major new entries into the media landscape.


For all the billions of dollars held by conservatives, instead of simply backing individual candidates and campaigns, where is the effort to redirect public opinion at the “cellular” level? Liberals have no chance at objectivity because they are manipulated daily. Otherwise, many could at least become centrists. In contrast, conservatives have no choice but to be exposed to the constant “progressive” beat of the media machine. 

Who is ready launching a conservative version of National Public Radio, with the scope and backing that NPR enjoys? Where is a second and even a third Fox-type network?

Will the Columbia School of Journalism and other journalism schools continue to pump out ready-made liberal journalists with no counterbalancing institutions that will produce conservative journalists? Will a Pulitzer Prize be awarded to a conservative journalist? Will the Nobel Prize continue to go to the Barack Obamas of the world who did nothing to earn his prize after three weeks in office, and after eight years in office did much to have it rescinded? 

How much longer do we want institutions like the ACLU and BLM, and legions of other Open Society funded organizations to go unchecked in their quest to bring down our nation? Will we send more emails to each other as the “progressives” work feverishly to make the U.S. into “just another country” on earth… or no country at all? Virtually unchecked, they continue to spew their doctrine, which ultimately impoverishes everyone except for a handful of “elite” leaders (see Soviet Union, 1917 to 1989) who enjoy privileged status.


Lamenting is for Losers

Let’s stop lamenting. As a political body, a force for good, and a constituency for sanity, let us resolve to erect major institutions that exert influence on the populace with equal, if not greater impact than the liberal cabal. Otherwise, prepare to have our ideas swamped by progressives. 

We must neutralize the mainstream media, the press rooms, the airwaves, and our universities if we’re to ever recapture the vision, as Ronald Reagan said, of that shining city on a hill. We know it is crucial, it is within our grasp, and we even have the will. The key question is do we have the plan?

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