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It seems 2020 will be officially the worst year in modern history. A pandemic produced in China and used by Democrats and the media to create hysteria in the public led to millions of unsolicited ballots being sent to Americans across the country. This process was totally abused and the “counting” continued until enough ballots were tabulated showing former Vice President Joe Biden in the lead in several key battleground states.


The nightmare got worse on Saturday morning when the corporate and left-wing media joined forces to announce Biden as the “President-Elect.” These media titans overlooked the stunning accusations of voter fraud on Election Day and the fact that vote counting was continuing in several states.

Despite the unanimous media announcement, the fact remains that this election is disputed and that the Trump campaign and the Republican Party are pursuing legal challenges throughout the country. For example, in Wisconsin and Georgia, recounts will be conducted. In Pennsylvania and Arizona, votes are still being counted that could deliver those states to President Trump.

Unfortunately, the news media are not interested in the truth and have no interest in uncovering real voter fraud. Their main interest is to declare Biden the victor and to remove President Trump from the White House.

This corrupt cabal includes not just big media, but big tech, pollsters, Wall Street, Hollywood, an array of special interests, Democrats and the pathetic group of Benedict Arnold Republicans involved with the Lincoln Project.

To show their support for Biden, the president’s news conference on Thursday disputing the election results was not covered by most of the news networks. His tweets are being regularly censored by Twitter. His campaign statements are not being given much attention and his campaign’s news conference in Philadelphia on Saturday was almost totally ignored by the Biden loving media.


At that news conference, Trump officials, such as former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, showcased evidence of voter fraud and produced poll watchers who were prevented from observing the work of election officials. This was not unique to Pennsylvania as Trump campaign observers faced illegal opposition throughout the country.

While the news media was demonizing Trump and promoting Biden, Project Veritas was doing the work that journalists used to do. They produced a series of videos highlighting United States Postal Service (USPS) whistleblowers in states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada. These courageous USPS employees highlighted illegal activities such as backdating ballots and improperly handling blank ballots that had been mailed to wrong addresses.

Of course, the news media had no interest in reporting on the stunning Project Veritas discoveries. It is also infuriating, but not surprising, that the media are very unconcerned about voting software that experienced a “glitch” in Michigan which resulted in thousands of Trump voters being cast for Biden. The mistake was uncovered in one Michigan county, but the software, made by Dominion Systems, was used throughout the state.

This same software was used in Georgia and workers reported that a mysterious software update was made the night before the election. In two counties, Spalding and Morgan, the voting machines crashed the morning of the election. According to one election official, Marcia Ridley, elections supervisor at the Spalding County Board of Election, the problems were caused by the mysterious software update. She said, “That is something that they don’t ever do. I’ve never seen them update anything the day before the election.”


All these incredible revelations have led to almost no journalistic curiosity from the “Fake News,” which is too busy celebrating the Biden “victory.”

One other potential problem with the election results occurred in states that reported a massive “ballot dump” in the early morning hours on Wednesday. This controversy, along with other potential problems, led Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to direct the state’s Campaigns and Elections Committee to “use its investigatory powers under Wisconsin SS 13.31 to immediately review how the election was administered. With concerns surfacing about mail-in ballot dumps and voter fraud, Wisconsin citizens deserve to know their vote counted.”

Congrats to Speaker Vos for launching an investigation. It is curious that in Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan and other states, the votes for the Democratic Party’s U.S. Senate candidate was far below what Biden received. In contrast, President Trump’s vote totals closely mirrored what the Republican U.S. Senate candidates received. If there were any real reporters left, they would be launching an investigation and asking why the discrepancy?

Sadly, the news media are rushing to crown Biden the next president and dismiss legitimate election questions. As talk show host Mark Levin noted, “there's more evidence of voter fraud than there was ever evidence of Russia collusion... So those that keep saying, let's see the evidence, where the hell were you for the last four years?”


With the media, establishment Republicans and Democrats calling for Americans to “unite” around the so-called “President-Elect,” Levin issued a scathing retort, “I'm part of the new resistance, God forbid if our president doesn't win…I am not uniting around [Biden] any more than they united around our man.”

Levin is right on target. If Biden assumes the White House under these questionable circumstances, he should receive the same treatment from conservatives and Republicans that President Trump received from his multitude of political opponents. A political resistance should be launched against Biden and all the crooked forces that supported him.

Trump was not given a moment’s rest during his tenure. There was no honeymoon, no bipartisanship, and no acceptance of his presidency from his opposition. He endured coup attempts, a bogus impeachment, a Covid-19 hysteria designed to harm the economy and a fraudulent election process that resulted in millions of unsolicited ballots being mailed across the country.

Possibly, the enemies of the president have defeated him with this latest ruse, but his supporters must never forget what he had to undergo. It is only right and just that a President Biden be treated in precisely the same manner.    

Jeff Crouere is a native New Orleanian and his award winning program, “Ringside Politics,” airs nationally on Real America's Voice Network, AmericasVoice.News weekdays at 7 a.m. CT and from 7-11 a.m. weekdays on WGSO 990-AM & He is a political columnist, the author of America's Last Chance and provides regular commentaries on the Jeff Crouere YouTube channel and on For more information, email him at


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