Hillary’s Book Tour From Hell

Posted: Jun 15, 2014 12:01 AM
Hillary’s Book Tour From Hell

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now making the media rounds promoting her new book. Initial reports are not very favorable as the price has already been slashed at outlets such as Books a Million and on Amazon; the “Green Smoothie Cleanse” is topping it in sales.

Mrs. Clinton is obviously gearing up for a 2016 presidential campaign and using this new book to energize supporters and hone her message. Even though Clinton is a political veteran, she has plenty of work to do on her messaging. In one of her first interviews, Hillary has already made a major mistake and taken the focus away from her book and her attempt to revise history.

When Diane Sawyer of ABC News asked Clinton about her $5 million in speaking fees, the former First Lady tried to elicit sympathy. According to Clinton, “Well, if you -- you have no reason to remember, but we came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.” She claimed that their family faced mortgages and tuition costs for their daughter Chelsea. Remember, this is the same woman who grew a measly $1,000 investment in cattle futures into $100,000, thanks to great connections. She sat on corporate boards and was a high priced attorney prior to becoming First Lady. Her husband also collected $200,000 as President of the United States. Their legal defense fund raised millions to fight the impeachment charges and both Hillary and Bill Clinton earned millions from book deals. In other words, the Clintons were anything but “dead broke.”

Her remarks were so outrageous that she later had to issue a clarification. In a subsequent interview, Clinton claimed that “I fully appreciate how hard life is for so many.” This was Hillary’s lame attempt to show solidarity with working Americans.

In the Sawyer interview, Hillary also said she has no regrets about her outrageous statement “what difference does it make” in reference to how the four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya. The former Secretary of State took “responsibility” for the tragedy, but maintained that she was “not making security decisions.” In effect, she states that she was in charge, but not completely, a ridiculous defense.

Unbelievably, Clinton says that the Benghazi controversy gives her “more of a reason to run” for President. It is amazing to think that a tragedy that was exacerbated by Clinton’s incompetence and then compounded by her lies about the cause of attack would actually fuel a presidential race. Let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton told the family members of the Americans killed in Benghazi that the attack was fueled by an anti-Muslim Internet video.

Clearly, on the issue of integrity, Hillary Clinton is severely lacking. In addition, any serious presidential candidate needs to exude a level of competence to the American people. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, there were no peace accords during her tenure as Secretary of State and no record of any significant accomplishments. In fact, at a recent news conference, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki was unable to think of any positive achievements that occurred while Clinton served as Secretary of State.

The reality is that Hillary Clinton owes her political career to her philandering husband. Without Bill Clinton, Hillary would have never been elected to anything. She has no charisma, makes big mistakes and is obviously not very capable. No wonder she tolerated Bill’s years of adulterous behavior.

She was always hoping to parlay the mistreated wife image into her own political rise to the White House. It did not work in 2008, as she lost to a junior Senator from Illinois. Will it work in 2016? Let’s hope the American people are not that dumb.