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Stimulus, It Started with a Simple Kiss

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Since Obama is singing songs, I thought I would try to compose one. The economic policies he has put in place have been a disaster. Not only do we have an anemic “recovery”, but we have significantly increased our debt, increased our amount of regulation, and created huge economic disincentives for private growth.

With much apologies to Lennon-McCartney and the Beatles.

Sung to the tune of “Yesterday”.

Stimulus, it was s’posed to launch us into bliss
But we know something is amiss
I don’t believe in stimulus

QE2, it was s’posed to be something new
But Bernanke has us feeling blue
I don’t believe in QE2

Why did they increase the debt?
I don’t know, they wouldn’t say
Now, there’s something wrong
They had donors, they had to pay

Soon, the voters will have their say
Debt and taxes gettin’ in the way
Oh I can’t wait until that day.

US Change in Nonfarm Payrolls Chart


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