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Editor's note: This column was co-authored by Loyd Pettegrew.

A recurring headline in the mainstream media since Saturday, November 7th (the day the liberals began declaring Biden the winner of the 2020 election) has been: “How Did Biden and Harris Win the White House and What Comes Next?” These questions are rhetorical and have quite simple answers. Any astute and fair-minded observer of the election process over the last nine months should be able to provide good answers. We offer a few here.

First, this rhetorical question still remains problematic since the Biden and Harris victory is being sharply and credibly contested by the Republican Party. The giddy MSM did everything within their comprehensive powers to create a candidate and issues that evaded reality. Ignoring many damaging facts about Biden’s integrity and competency, and vilifying President Trump with almost every spoken word, the MSM created an alter persona for “good ole” Joe, promoting an environment that would make a possible Biden win seem plausible for the populace to accept.

Second, the Democrats and Harris’s radical left allies went on to establish the most convoluted voting process ever held in this country. With mail-in balloting for anyone who wanted it, voting deadlines extending days past November 3rd, no requirement of voter identification, and of course ballot harvesting from blue California; the 2020 election for all intents and purposes appeared comparable to those used in authoritarian dictatorships like Venezuela and Cuba. And the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, part of the federal deep state, just issued a statement calling the 2020 election “the most secure in American history.” 

Third, when considering what happens next, the options are as clear as they are nefarious. If we ignore and allow to stand the MSM and progressive coup of our nation's government, our life and democracy will change significantly before the 2022 election. Biden has already embraced reentry into the Paris Climate Accord and hundreds of thousands of petroleum and fracking jobs will be lost. The border wall will be dismantled, and America will essentially become a nation without borders as millions of immigrants enter the United States illegally lured in by the promise of free health care and government subsidies. Abortion laws will become even more liberal and accessible; unborn lives will matter even less as leftist ally Planned Parenthood continues to become stronger politically.

The greatest medical system in the world will be discarded and replaced with socialized medicine a la Canada and Great Britain. We will no longer be a color-blind society; we will hire, promote, and admit people based not on their aptitude and skill level, but on their melanin just as is happening right now in virtually all realms of our society. Trade deals benefitting the American worker will be renegotiated to appease competitor nations and U.S. Big Tech firms and labor unions will regain their previous ascendency. On the basis of the assumed rise of a Biden administration, New York hotel owners are being forced to pay their Hotel Trades Council union workers $500M in extra pay. Biden has already promised a host of new government regulations strangling all sectors of the economy and the free market, assuring Obama-like government control of all facets of the economy. The onerous Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the darling Elizabeth Warren bureaucracy, will begin to operate autonomously again, NATO nations will go back to ripping off American taxpayers as the United States will once again try to gain international approbation by becoming the organization’s piggy bank. Terrorist nations like Iran and North Korea will become even more emboldened. The cancel culture will be fully endorsed and begin a process of re-imagining American history and modern law enforcement, while at the same time supporting reverse racial discrimination by shaming whites for the color of their skin. This will lead to louder calls for reparations. For these “what comes next” steps, the burden on the American taxpayer will become overwhelming as the nation fully embraces socialism as part of the new world order. 

Perhaps it is the realization of “what comes next” that has so many conservatives and patriots feeling anxious. The entire liberal agenda is to fundamentally change America. 

In a less politicized environment, with unbiased news reporting and ethical actions by the opposing political party, the focus of the 2020 election could have been one of choosing between American goodness (not perfections) and the policies of a Biden and Harris ticket. Alas, such ideals as honesty, integrity, fair mindedness, and ethics appear forever lost in American politics and the MSM.

William Butler Yeats penned the words, “Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. The blood dimmed tide is loosed and everywhere. The ceremony of innocence is drowned. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

Yeats' words clearly explain why conservatives feel down. They work to make a living and sustain the nation; liberal progressives promote government assistance while protesting and rioting. Conservatives abhor the violence and destruction exhibited by BLM/Antifa. They are unwilling to “fight fire with fire.” They have a history of trusting the system. But now Conservatives see the system being hijacked again by the MSM and revolutionaries and are unsure how to respond. There is a profound sense of “that which is happening is not really happening.” In the words of T.S. Eliot, “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”

That which is happening is real, and a posture of appeasement, by either doing nothing or waiting for Democrats and progressives to come to their senses before the greatest democracy the world has ever seen is dismantled, is not an option.

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