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Democrats’ War On Clarence Thomas Is Stronger Than Ever

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Despite having surpassed the sixth month anniversary of Justice Kavanaugh being officially sworn onto the Supreme Court, Democrats are actively plotting, scheming and executing a ritual defamation campaign designed to undermine, and ultimately destroy, the Constitutionally- and liberty-minded Trump court. 

You see, one of the first lessons you learn after entering politics is that Democrats are like spoiled, bratty children. They hate to lose and, like clockwork, throw temper tantrums that would test even the best parent’s patience whenever they do experience defeat.

The swearing in of Associate Justice Kavanaugh served as the culmination of the second most epic defeat the Democrats have experienced in the last 30 years, the first being President Donald Trump’s triumph over Hillary Clinton, of course.

Combine this steady stream of high-profile losses with their inability to cope emotionally with failure and you have the perfect storm of rage and revenge that leads them to lash out violently and irrationally at any target they might be able to “take down," regardless of the merit of their case.

The Democrats’ latest target—and one that they’ve been waging war on for nearly 28 years is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  

Not unlike Kavanaugh, Justice Thomas was smeared and dragged through the mud of false sexual harassment allegations during his confirmation hearings.  Also not unlike Kavanaugh, Thomas survived the attacks that he famously deemed a “high-tech lynching” by Democrats.

Of course, Justice Thomas has gone on to be one of the most Constitutionally principled jurists in American history even being dubbed by his opponents as the “most important legal thinker in America.” Considering that roughly 20 percent of the judges President Trump has appointed to the federal appellate bench are former clerks for Thomas, his influence and philosophy on jurisprudence are aptly positioned to have a positive influence on the American legal system for generations to come.

Thomas is a man of the highest moral character who carries himself with a quiet charm of good heartedness and a genuine love for protecting the inalienable rights of his fellow man so divinely guaranteed by the Constitution.  It is in fact this very genuineness that makes him such a threat to the Democrats and precisely the reason why they aim to destroy him.

You see, unlike most who serve on our nation’s highest court, Clarence Thomas is an intelligent, articulate, respected black man who obliterates their favored stereotypes of conservatives as nothing more than old white Neanderthals. Moreover, he is a man of unwavering conviction that fights passionately for truth, justice and the original intent of the U.S. Constitution.

As far as the Democrats are concerned, he cannot be allowed to survive his tenure without reputational demise.

The nearly 28 year Democrat assault against Justice Thomas was renewed early last year with a shot across the bow—a New York Magazine piece entitled The Case for Impeaching Clarence Thomas.  The hit piece begins with a dog whistle to the #MeToo Progressives, nearly screaming at readers in its aggressively large and bolded font, “Do you believe her now?” This conspiratorial subhead of course referring to the discredited, false accusations of sexual harassment made by Anita Hill during the honorable justice’s confirmation hearing in the early 90’s.

The assault against Thomas doesn’t stop with the mainstream media’s repeated attacks however.  During the 2018 election cycle, at least one Democrat, now failed Massachusetts congressional candidate Barbara L’Italien, formally included impeaching Justice Thomas as an official plank in her campaign platform.  

In making her case, L’Italien parroted the same conspiracy theory-driven talking points the left repeatedly trots out bombastically claiming, “[Justice Thomas] has been credibly accused of sexual crimes and gotten away with it” and that there is “credible evidence that Thomas lied under oath” about his professional conduct.

Not only are these claims patently false, they are likely demonstrable violations of defamation law. Anita Hill’s false claim of sexual harassment against Thomas was nothing more than a desperate, not to mention racist, 11th hour ploy by Democrats to prevent a highly educated, moral, black, Constitutionally conservative legal scholar from serving on the Supreme Court.  

To be clear, the claim was thoroughly investigated by the FBI and found to be without merit.  

Make absolutely no mistake, the FBI found no credible evidence to support the claim; however, truth be damned has been the motto of the left for more than a half century, which is why they repeatedly regurgitate the same harmful and defamatory claims for no other purpose than to ruin the lives of those they view as threats to their totalitarian goals.

People of virtue on both sides of the political aisle must repel and dispel these shameful attacks on the honorable Clarence Thomas wherever and whenever we come across them.  You would never stand for such ritual defamation against you or your loved ones and, likewise, we must never stand for it against those in public life in our community and nation, especially those like Justice Thomas, who have committed their entire life to the service of their country.

Democrats are losing the war of ideas, and they know it.  Americans can expect nothing less than for the lies, attacks, divisiveness and civil unrest to get exponentially worse as they continue to lose ground in the coming months and years.  Worse yet, as they continue to spiral downward into the clutches of extreme radicalism we can rest assured that they will do everything within their power to destroy the lives of even more honorable men like Justices Thomas and Kavanaugh.  

As such, the responsibility for maintaining this country’s civility rests solely with sensible people having the courage to resoundingly reject such attempts to destroy the lives of those with whom they disagree.

Jake Hoffman is a contributing columnist at Townhall and the founder, president and CEO of Rally Forge, one of the nation’s top conservative digital communications and media strategy firms. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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