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What a weekend.

On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump subverted the narrative of the Regime, the Government-Media Complex, by announcing via Twitter that his predecessor, Barack Obama, wiretapped Trump Tower.  


As of the present moment, the Donald has yet to present any evidence for this claim.  For this his critics are slamming him—proving once more that they are the slowest of slow learners.

For nearly the last two years, Trump has confounded the naysayers and haters at every turn. Consider:

Initially, the “experts” assured us that he’d never run for the presidency.

Then, after he announced his candidacy, the Smartest People in the Room laughed him off.

When Trump started to pick up steam in the GOP primaries, his critics insisted—every other night, they insisted—that his flame was on the verge of burning out.

Upon defeating 16 of the best and brightest candidates that the GOP had to offer and garnering a greater number of votes than that earned by any Republican ever, Trump clinched the nomination—but his critics got hysterical and repeatedly promised that he could never beat Hillary Clinton.

They continued saying as much until the night of the election.

After Trump defied the odds, achieving one of the biggest upset victories in the history of American presidential politics, the same Regimists in D.C. and the media who just knew that he could never win told us that, once in office, the President-elect would renege on his promises.

However, even before he officially took office, Trump was busy fulfilling some of those promises as the Stock Market almost immediately proceeded to reach one historic all-time high after the other and American companies that had planned on exporting thousands of jobs to other countries reconsidered.


Upon taking office, Trump has continued fulfilling those promises and has already accomplished more in his five weeks as POTUS than many of his predecessors had done in years.

Against overwhelming odds, over and against everything and anything that Republicans and Democrats alike have been launching at him for the last year-and-a-half, Trump has beaten them every step of the way.

In short, by now, anyone who has a thought about Trump’s demise coming at them should…duck.  

Such is the longevity and consistency of Trump’s winning streak that it’s becoming something of an iron-clad law that if his detractors make a claim about him, you can bet the house that the opposite must be true.  If they make a prediction regarding his defeat, it will certainly come to pass that Trump will be victorious.

But the Trumpophobes that populate the Regime, being lawless, refuse to learn.  Quite the contrary: They are achieving the impossible by becoming ever more arrogant.  This is why they continually go for the bait that the Donald lays for them.

When Trump revealed to the world that he had been “wiretapped” courtesy of Obama, with a simple tweet he went from being an unwilling character in the Regime’s narrative of a Trump/Russia connection to one of its co-authors.  

Trump has succeeded in shifting the media’s singular focus from Jeff Sessions, who just last week the Democrats were (pathetically) trying to pressure to resign for alleged discussions with “the Russians,” onto the Obama administration.  He’s gotten Obama’s name back in the news, front and center, knowing that there is indeed just enough information that had been swirling around in the public domain for months to lend some air of plausibility to his claims and, hence, raise suspicions regarding the former president.


Trump has forced the Obama administration to issue a statement, to acknowledge, in effect, to legitimize his charge. In other words, because the allegation came from the sitting POTUS, Obama’s people had to dignify it with a response. Trump forced them to risk exposure by becoming visible players in the Regime’s drama, a drama that the Donald just began to rewrite this past weekend.

Nor should anyone think—as so many slow learners seem to think—that Trump randomly fires off his tweets.  His timing is always planned.  

It is not coincidental that it was on March 4, the day that Trump supporters around the country organized rallies and demonstrations in order to “March 4 Trump,” that the president radically upset the Regime’s narrative plot. By the time that these events got off the ground, the media had broken word of Trump’s announcement, thus jazzing up the Deplorables even more.     

Moreover, Trump doubtless knew that those in the non-leftist media by Monday would be raring to talk about nothing else but Obama’s “silent coup.” The leftist press would be forced to counter them—and a dark cloud would grow over Obama’s head.

It is Obama and the Democrats who will now be playing defense for a while.

But, the objectors cry, Trump has presented no evidence for his allegation! To this, three replies are ready at hand:

First, these same “hard-nosed” (fake) journalists haven’t once expressed any concern that their ideological ilk in the Democrat Party have presented no evidence for their repeated allegation that Trump and Vladimir Putin colluded to insure that the former would defeat Hillary Clinton.


Second, that the Obama administration pursued wiretapping of Trump and his inner circle is certain. And that it eventually got what it wanted is equally certain.  It is the extent of Obama’s involvement, the legality of it, and the specific locations of the surveillance, that are still in question.  

Thirdly, Trump has just forced his (mostly, but not exclusively) Democrat critics to submit their evidence for the charge that they’ve been lobbying against him for months. He’s forcing their hand.

Why would he do this? The answer is simple: Trump knows that while they have nothing on him, he has quite a bit on their underhanded effort to sabotage, to “hack,” our election.

The prey has become the predator, the predator the prey.

And “Russiagate” has just turned into Obama’s “DeepStategate.”


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