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The B(D)S Movement

Radical Activist Gangs Will Continue to Operate With Impunity Until They’re Held Accountable

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Loudoun County, Virginia has once again found itself in the news due to the actions of a radical gang of “community activists” who are affiliated with the local Democrat campaign committee and work for or with elected Democrat officials. 


This group, ironically called the “Loudoun Love Warriors,” has been a topic of Congressional oversight hearings, and the subject of both state and local investigations, for conspiring to smear, harass, and intimidate parents who dare speak out to protect their children. In a  Facebook group they discussed “curb stomping” a Jewish woman, suggested “disassembling lives” of those opposed to transgender ideology in school, and went to extreme efforts to ruin a man’s profession by finding his information on a real estate database to email recklessly false claims about a school board speech he gave. One of the gang members even compiled an enemies list of 115 people in Loudoun County and beyond.

Now, Loudoun’s elected officials are circling the wagons, playing victim, and protesting that they should not be held accountable despite their allies’ knowledge of potential felony election fraud and direct contacts with Soros-backed Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj.  

This despite a third story about the group that debunks that defense; the group discussed knowledge of potential felony election fraud and openly stated that they had contacted Soros-backed Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj about the issue.


But this is not the first time that the radical associations of Loudoun’s Democrat politicians have been exposed. In March of 2021, a different Facebook group that consisted of many of these same “Love Warriors” was caught plotting to target parents for speaking at school board meetings. The “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County,” which counted as its members six school board members, the Soros-backed Commonwealth Attorney, and a Member of the Board of Supervisors, listed discussed ways to infiltrate parent groups and publicly expose them, with one woman even suggesting multiple times that the group needed to find “hackers.” 

The “Anti-Racists” were exposed before they could harm others. But none of the elected officials denounced the group or apologized. Many remained in the group as it picked its next target to destroy for speaking at a school board meeting – an elementary school teacher. 

Following the exposure of this group, the radicals have apparently reconstituted as a political action committee called “Loudoun4All.” “Loundoun4All”’s leadership significantly overlapped with the Loudoun Love Warriors membership, and both groups seem intent on defending the most outrageous Loudoun County School Board decisions by any means necessary. 


As documented in my book Parents of the World Unite, the failure to denounce, apologize, and be accountable for radicalism is what caused Loudoun’s parents to launch their school board removal campaign. 

But Loudoun’s Democrat officials believe themselves untouchable. They brand concerned parents as “alt-right,” “enemies,” and “Jim Crow 2.0” supporters, while their “Love Warriors” allies stoke the flames with dangerous rhetoric claiming that moms and dads who want schools to focus on academics and school safety are advocating for murdering members of the LGBT community, while elected officials fan the flames by implying that protected First Amendment speech is “stochastic terrorism.” These people will do and say anything, even coaching up a young convert to lie to a reporter to intimidate and silence dissent. 

The exposure of these malicious actions is important, but that is not enough. The pattern has already been established. Elected officials and their top lieutenants in the field will denounce the behavior, put all the blame on those in their groups that they perceive to be disposable, the group will reform under a different name and get right back to work on behalf of their political leaders, who will be happy to accept the support.


The lessons of Loudoun County are clear on how to break that pattern: First, parents must exercise their fundamental rights to fight back hard against the radicals and hold accountable the politicians who support them. Second, those who conspire and act to violate parents’ rights must face direct civil and criminal legal consequences. Groups like the “Love Warriors” have outsized influence and power over public policy at all levels because they recognize no limits and face no penalty for unlawful acts. It is up to our parents to protect their children by bringing the days of radical impunity, in Loudoun County and elsewhere, to an end.   

Ian Prior is the author of the book Parents of the World Unite!  and the Executive Director of Fight for Schools.

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