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As President Donald Trump emerges unscathed from the Democrats' absurd impeachment attempt, it may seem tempting to breathe a well-deserved sigh of relief, share a laugh at Nancy Pelosi’s expense, and uncork the champagne. After all, why shouldn’t we celebrate?


Yes, the Democrats were strong-armed by a mindless minority of radicals into pushing forward with a doomed impeachment effort led by a gaggle of partisan hacks, with demonstrated narcissist Adam Schiff at the helm.

Yes, their supposedly “air tight” case was dead on arrival as they begged for the opportunity to call additional witnesses as part of a fishing expedition, with Nancy Pelosi and her party utterly humiliated.

Yes, the acquittal of the president was simply a recognition of reality, leaving the Democrats to face the impossible task of choosing whether they will send a geriatric communist, a former Native American, or a hair-sniffing coma patient to face Donald Trump, who delighted in listing the multiple achievements of his administration during Tuesday's State of the Union address.

While conservatives should enjoy this moment of victory, it is crucially important that we do not lose sight of the fact that, with nine long months left until November 3rd 2020, the war is not yet over. If we were living in the pages of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” we just witnessed Donald Trump arising victorious from Helm’s Deep, while the Democratic Party retreat to plot their final assault.

The Democrats are currently reeling from their self-inflicted abasement, causing them to lash out with petty jibes and infantile excuses. Nancy Pelosi has resorted to pandering to her adoring base by making somewhat ironic claims that the president seemed “sedated,” and by tearing up his State of the Union speech as an expression of inconsequential defiance. They will claim that the impeachment “trial” was rigged by partisan Republicans who scuppered the partisan Democrats’ attempt to unseat Trump for unsubstantiated and non-criminal acts. They will even attempt to make excuses for their increasingly-likely defeat this November by arguing that any conservative victory is illegitimate, and that Stacy Abrams has been the true president all along.


Despite this embarrassing and pitiful display, much like a wounded animal backed into a corner, the Democrats are still dangerous. They see themselves as the failed matriarch of the poor and downtrodden masses who may soon abandon them. After all, Trump proved that they no longer need the Left’s decades of empty promises of eternal utopian welfare. Without their reliable class of intersectional victims kept as a perpetual underclass by Leftist policies, their panic will be matched only by their anger.

With every day that passes, their rage will swell and fester. Their unadulterated longing for power will drive them to exhaust every extreme strategy conceivable, and we must be prepared. In only a few short years, the Democrats have shown us the depths of their moral depravity. 

They concocted spurious accusations of gang rape in an attempt to prevent Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, hijacking the #MeToo movement for their own gains. 

They refused to accept the results of the 2016 election, spending millions of public dollars on the Mueller Investigation. When that failed, they accused Donald Trump of abusing his position for personal gain, ignoring the fact that they cheered Joe Biden when he boasted that he had done the very same thing. 

The Democrats have left no stone unturned in their search for their silver bullet against Trump. No terrorist is too reprehensible to defend, no policy is too wicked to promote, and no lie is too small to spread if it could bring down their greatest enemy.

The current Democratic Party has proven to be beyond all reckoning. They have shown, and will continue to show, a thirst for power that can never be quenched. They will let nothing stand in their way, and certainly not the truth.


As we stand on the field of impeachment victory, we cannot grow complacent. This ideological war is not yet won, and many battles will be fought before the end. If the Democrats were willing to construct fantasies of judicial gang rape, use satirical tales of Russian prostitute water-sports as justification for actual abuses of power, and embrace terrorist regimes as friends and allies, there isn’t much they won’t be willing to do.

As J.R.R. Tolkien wrote in “Return of the King:”

“It is but the deep breath before the plunge.”

We must be ready.

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