Want to Keep Your Subsidized New Obamacare Insurance Policy?

Posted: Oct 05, 2014 12:01 AM

You may not be able to keep it for long.

John Goodman, the top health policy analyst, explains why you probably won’t be able to keep your Obamacare policy, whether you like it or not. The law is written in such a way that a policy which meets its requirements this year may fail to do so the following year. Your own status may also change, so that the amount of subsidy you get may keep changing. It is mind-bogglingly complex.

The administration knows that people won’t keep going back to the website year after year, only to become more and more frustrated, but doesn’t know what to do about it. Also keep in mind that if your policy keeps changing, and the doctors you are allowed to see are restricted to that policy, you may have to keep getting a new doctor over and over again as well.

When Obamacare was being constructed, it was feared that it would outlaw the high deductible policy. That was what the Democrats at first wanted to do. They didn’t want the consumer to have any control over health expenditures, but instead to depend entirely on government policies. But this goal proved too expensive. In the end, Obamacare actually outlawed a no deductible policy, as Goodman also explains.

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