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AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa

“I’m going to personally execute you!”  (A furious Che Guevara to a captive 25-year-old freedom-fighter Roberto Martin-Perez, September 1959 in Havana’s La Cabana prison.)


 “Go ahead and shoot me! After all, I came back to Cuba to SHOOT YOU!  Seems fair! So go ahead!”  (Roberto Martin-Perez’s reply to the blustering Che Guevara.)

“Don’t shoot! I’m Che! I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”  (A fully armed Che Guevara upon encountering a Bolivian soldier, Oct. 8, 1967.)

Hollywood produced movies celebrating the courage of only one of the above. Moving along:

One was a dope-fiend and convicted criminal who held a gun against and threatened to murder a helpless woman while his dope-fiend criminal chums bludgeoned her—all the while ransacking and robbing her home and threatening to murder her husband and child. The Democrat-Media complex has been hailing him almost non-stop for a year and even a few monuments have gone up in his honor.

The other valiantly stood up to the hemisphere’s top terrorists and mass-murderers—the terrorists whose lifelong obsession was the destruction of the U.S. and who came a whisker from achieving this dream with nuclear missiles—then he suffered the longest term of political prison and torture (28 years) rather than recant his principles and thus renounce his principles as a freedom-fighter.  He lived as a legal resident in the U.S. for the past 34 years, campaigned for Republican presidential candidates and was even personally congratulated by Margaret Thatcher on one of her visits to the U.S.

So who became a hero to the Democrat-Media complex?


Roberto Martin-Perez was an anti-communist freedom-fighter who suffered political prison for over THREE TIMES as long as did Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and even longer than the Democrat-Media complex-canonized Nelson Mandela.

Martin-Perez called out Fidel Castro and Che Guevara as communists from day one, and put his life on the line to overthrow them when these KGB assets were universally hailed as “liberators!”, especially by the Democrat-Media complex.

Martin-Perez suffered decades of unspeakable tortures in KGB-designed dungeons for his courageous defiance and upon his release even suffered defamations from the leftist media as a “terrorist,” something this same media never applied to Nelson Mandela who was in fact convicted by an independent judiciary during a trial witnessed by international observers of “193 acts of terrorism,” such as planting bombs in public places.

Roberto Martin-Perez passed away in Miami on June 24 as reported by his wife radio mega-star Ninoska Martin-Perez:

“He was of the first to oppose the regime of Fidel Castro, he spent 28 years in Castro’s prisons as a Plantado, [a defiant political prisoner who rejected indoctrination and compromise with the dictatorship]. He saw his friends die on hunger strikes, fall riddled with bullets before the firing squad, he was hungry, cold, angry and in pain with his brothers. He survived torture, inhuman punishments, lack of medical attention and they never managed to break him down. He never considered himself a victim. When, after an intense international campaign, he was released, General Manuel Noriega, for doing Fidel Castro a favor, sent an official delegation to Cuba to look for him. He told them that he did not accept freedom because there were 200 other prisoners who were in worse condition and the plane returned to Panama without him. It was after several days of the prisoners asking him to come out and advocate for them that he left the prison with the commitment to continue fighting until he was free and he did.”


Roberto Martin-Perez was captured in August 1959 upon landing in Cuba from the Dominican Republic as part of the very first armed attempt to liberate Cuba from the communism that Castro, with the invaluable help of his U.S. media, State Department and CIA auxiliaries, were still denying.

This anti-communist plot had been infiltrated by Castro agents Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo and William Morgan, who ratted it out. But no matter, because U.S. State Department documents show that U.S. ambassador Phil Bonsal had also gotten wind of the plot and promptly alerted Castro officials to this threat against the KGB-sponsored regime who came a whisker away from nuking many of the U.S.’s biggest population centers.

During the “U.S.-backed dictatorship” of Batista, U.S. diplomats and CIA agents not only kept mum on plots against Batista but actually gave refuge in their very offices and homes to anti-Batista plotters (who often placed bombs in crowded public places.) Former U.S. Ambassador to Cuba, Earl Smith (fired for repeating and repeating that helping Castro into power was not an immensely shrewd U.S. policy) documents all these shenanigans in his book.

So let’s see:

Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo (a Spaniard), William Morgan (an American ex-con) and the U.S. ambassador to Cuba help foil a plot by Cubans to topple the Soviet-mentored regime of Fidel Castro (the son of a Spanish soldier who helped murder Cubans under Spanish general Valeriano Weyler) and Che Guevara (an Argentine vagabond-psychopath.)…Needless to say “enlightened” opinion worldwide regards the Castro regime as fervently “nationalist” and its enemies as “foreign mercenaries” or “lackeys.” Orwell coined a term for such terminology. And Alice found it through the Looking Glass.


Full disclosure: Roberto Martin-Perez helped enormously and selflessly as a source for my books on Cuba. What a thrill it was to hear the details of his freedom fight firsthand. What a privilege it was to be allowed to record it. What an honor it was to have regarded Roberto Martin-Perez as a friend.

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