Deep State and Mainstream Media Hopping Mad With Pompeo

Posted: Jan 16, 2021 12:01 AM
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Deep State and Mainstream Media Hopping Mad With Pompeo

Source: Saul Loeb/Pool Photo via AP, File

“One might think Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would be preoccupied with shoring up the United States’ battered international image…But he’s spending his final days in office throwing diplomatic banana peels in the path of his successors by formally, but oh so very spuriously, designating foreign actors he doesn’t like as terrorists. The more obviously outrageous of Pompeo’s moves is that against Cuba,” noted NBC News on Jan. 13. 

“Secretary of State Pompeo Leaves No Bridges Unburned—Returning Cuba to the state-sponsor-of-terrorism list does nothing except complicate Mr. Biden’s intention to return to the search for better relations initiated by President Barack Obama and throw a sop to Trump-backing Cuban exiles in Florida,” screeched The New York Times Editorial Board on Jan. 13.

“Trump and Pompeo’s campaign of ‘diplomatic vandalism’—“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has spent recent days planting political land mines for a Biden administration keen to change course on Trump’s foreign policy…Monday, the Trump administration opted to classify Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, an aggressively ideological decision that further deteriorates relations with Havana and reverses the steps the Obama administration took in delisting Cuba in 2015 as part of a broader thaw,” wrote The Washington Post on Jan. 12.

Perhaps some details of the Obama-Biden “broader thaw” with the Stalinist terror-sponsoring regime whose lifelong rationale was the destruction of the U.S. needs a review. In fact the real outrage is Obama finding commonalities between the American revolution and the Stalinist coup mounted by Castro brothers, Che Guevara and their Soviet puppet-masters. To wit:

“Here’s my message to the Cuban government and the Cuban people: The ideals that are the starting point for every revolution, America’s revolution, Cuba’s revolution, the liberation movements around the world, these ideals find their truest expression, I believe, in democracy,” said President Obama in Havana, Cuba, on March 22, 2016.

In fact, from the mid-‘50s on, both Obama’s Cuban host in April 2016 (Raul Castro) and the  mural idol whom Obama posed with in Havana (Che Guevara) were Soviet agents committed to creating a Stalinist Cuba—a vassal to the Communist motherland. 

Sure, the media, your professors, The History Channel, The Deep State, Academia, Hollywood, etc. etc. all claim the Cuban revolutionaries were noble “nationalists” who were pushed –kicking and screaming—into the arms of Mother Russia by blockheaded Yankee “bullying.”

Pure and perfect baloney—like practically everything that the above sources claim about the Cuban Revolution. 

In fact, the leaders of the Cuban “liberation movement” (as Obama calls it) were Soviet vassals from the get-go. Starting in the mid-‘50s both were proudly and faithfully working for the Soviet Union. On a visit behind the iron Curtain in 1953, Raul Castro met and was assigned a KGB case-officer named Nikolai Leonov. Then in 1955 while exiled in Mexico City, Raul Castro introduced Leonov to his new Argentinean friend Ernesto “Che” Guevara. 

As early as 1955, Ernesto Guevara was already boasting that in his view, “the solution to the world’s problems lie behind the Iron Curtain” and signing his correspondence as “Stalin II.” 

Sure, in the movie Motorcycle Diaries Robert Redford depicts Ernesto Guevara as an idealistic youth anguished over the plight of the poor and yearning to alleviate it—a Peace Corps volunteer by another name. In fact, from his political infancy forward, Guevara was always a hard-core Stalinist. 

Raul and Che had barely entered Havana in January 1959 when more of their Soviet chums showed up to eagerly offer some “hands-on” advice—which was eagerly accepted and implemented. 

A highly effective Stalinist policy titled El Compromiso Sangriento (The Blood Covenant) was presented to Raul and Che only weeks after they entered Havana in January 1959 by a Soviet GRU agent named Angel Ciutat. The scene was a meeting at Che's palatial (and recently stolen) estate just west of Havana.

Sure, the sources already mentioned claim Che Guevara was antiseptically selfless, living a life to shame a trappist monk. In fact: “Che Guevara’s Havana mansion was among the most luxurious homes in Cuba," wrote Cuban journalist Antonio Llano Montes in 1960. “The mansion had a boat dock, a huge swimming pool, seven bathrooms, a sauna, a massage salon and several television sets,” continues Llano Montes. “One TV had been specially designed in the U.S. and had a screen ten feet wide and was operated by remote control (remember, this was 1959.) This was thought to be the only TV of its kind in Latin America. The mansion’s garden had a veritable jungle of imported plants, a pool with waterfall, ponds filled with exotic tropical fish and several bird houses filled with parrots and other exotic birds.” 

But back to the Blood Covenant. Every candidate for military officer, suggested Soviet officer Ciutat, would take his place in a firing squad and pull the trigger with live ammo. Given the hundreds of Cubans being murdered weekly by firing squad in Cuba at the time, it seemed like a dandy idea.

From his prison-cell window the late Tito Rodriguez Oltmans, a former Cuban freedom-fighter and political prisoner, watched this blood covenant in action. "Every evening the military cadets and regime officials would be bused in and armed with Belgian .308 caliber FALs as they lined up for the firing squad," recalls Mr. Oltmans, a prisoner in La Cabana prison in the early 1960s. “As darkness fell the condemned patriot—shirtless and gagged—would be dragged to the execution wall and bound. The cadets and officials would line up only four meters in front of the patriot and all had loaded weapons." ... FUEGO!

A brief aside: historically and almost universally, many members of a firing squad shoot blanks, to assuage their conscience. But such assuaging would contradict the Cuban firing squads' most vital purpose.

The point of the Blood Covenant was to bond the murderers, especially those in line for future leadership, with the murderous regime. The more shooters, the more murderers. The more murderers thus manufactured the more people highly-motivated to resist any overthrow of their system. After 16-18,000 firing-squad murders (according to the Black Book of Communism), Cuba's officer and regime official corps was plenty "bonded" to the regime.

Most of Cuba’s economic infrastructure—especially tourism facilities—are owned by Cuba’s military. Hence every penny spent in Cuba by foreign investors and tourists lands in their pockets, hence Secretary Pompeo’s recent diplomatic “banana-peels” and “vandalism” (i.e. efforts to financially handicap mass-murdering, America-hating terror-sponsors.)

 Every shred of observable evidence proves that travel to Cuba and business with its Stalinist mafia enriches and entrenches these KGB-trained, terror-sponsoring and heavily-armed owners of Cuba’s tourism industry. They’re the only outfit in Cuba with guns and they remain the most highly motivated guardians of Cuba’s Stalinist and Terror-Sponsoring status-quo. 

Please note: there is no “doing business with Cuba,” as the Biden team and their media auxiliaries claim. There is only doing business with the KGB and GRU trained Stalinist fat-cats who occupy Cuba.