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Let’s Compare Casualties: A Baltimore Weekend vs. Che Guevara’s 'Battle of Santa Clara'

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“Baltimore City Police are investigating after more than a dozen people were shot in the city. From 1am Friday, until 3am Monday, 13 people including a 12-year-old boy were shot in the city. Six have died.” (WBFF, Baltimore July 29.) 


“One Thousand Killed in 5 days of Fierce Street Fighting! Commander Che Guevara appealed to Batista troops for a truce to clear the streets of casualties. Guevara turned the tide in this bloody battle and whipped a Batista force of 3,000 men.” (New York Times article on Jan 4, 1959 depicting the famous “battle” of Santa Clara in central Cuba, where the Times crownedChe Guevara with his immortal Napoleonic fame after his triumph in what they depicted as a veritable Cuban STALINGRAD!)

“Santa Clara became a bloody battleground…pitched battles were fought in the streets.  Tanks fired shells, airplanes bombed and rocketed, both civilian and guerrilla casualties began piling up in hospitals.” (Che Guevara  hagiographer, New York Times contributor and The New Yorker staff writer Jon Lee Anderson from his famous book on Che Guevara, which was written in Cuba with the full and enthusiastic cooperation of the totalitarian Castro regime, which outlaws free speech and has jailed, tortured and exiled the most journalists in the Western hemisphere. Nonetheless, Anderson’s book is religiously cited and consulted by “impartial academics” and “objective reporters.”

Exactly one year after the New York Times breathless depiction of the “battle.” Che’s own diaries revealed that his forces (which actually numbered a few dozen) had suffered exactly ONE casualty (a rebel name d “El Vaquerito”) during this Caribbean Stalingrad, as depicted by The New York Times!


True to New York Times-form, during this “battle,” the paper didn’t have a reporter within 300 miles of Santa Clara! Instead, it relied on trusty Cuban Castroite “correspondents.” So who could blame Fidel and Che for laughing themselves silly over the scam they pulled on the New York Times (“the paper of record” of the time) and hence over most of world opinion? 

Your humble servant interviewed several participants and eye-witnesses (on both sides) to this “battle” and their consensus came to about five to seven casualties total for this Caribbean Gettysburg, as depicted by The New York Times—which is to say, about the same as the gunfire casualties in Baltimore last week!

Later during his Bolivian "guerrilla" campaign, Che split his forces whereupon they got hopelessly lost and bumbled around, half-starved, half-clothed and half-shod, without any contact with each other for 6 months before being wiped out. They seemed incapable of applying a compass reading to a map. They spent much of the time walking in circles and were usually within a mile of each other. During this blundering they often engaged in ferocious firefights against each other!

"You hate to laugh at anything associated with Che, who murdered so many," Felix Rodriguez, the Cuban-American CIA officer who played a key role in tracking him down in Bolivia, told this writer. "But when it comes to Che as "guerrilla" you simply can't help but guffaw."


But leave it to the New York Times to create a combination Hannibal/Rommel out of this pathetic military doofus.

By the way, these “battle” depictions by the New York Times were widely disseminated and swallowed whole by “educated opinion” decades before the term “fake-news” entered the mainstream lexicon.   

And true to Che Guevara-form, the genuine bloodbath in Santa Clara came a week after the (utterly bogus) “battle,” when Che’s opponents (real and imagined) were utterly defenseless. That’s when Che sent his goons to drag men and boys from their homes and set his firing squads to work in triple shifts.

But absolutely nothing appeared in the trusty New York Times on the genuine bloodbath at Santa Clara. True to Castroite practice, only when “Peace was Given a Chance,” only when their enemies were utterly defenseless, did the bloodbath crank into high gear.

And true to (proud Walter Duranty employer) practice, the New York Times helped cover-up yet another communist atrocity.

Any more questions about why Castro honored New York Times’ reporter Herbert Matthews with his Stalinist regime’s most prestigious medal/awards?  “To our American friend Herbert Matthews with gratitude. Without your help,” a beaming Fidel Castro said decorating Herbert Matthews during a visit to the New York Times offices in April 1959, “and without the help of the New York Times, the Revolution in Cuba would never have been.”


And lest you think the New York Times propaganda services for the Castro regime might have finally expired, dig these: 

“Why Infants May Be More Likely to Die in America Than Cuba…There’s no doubt that a major strength of the Cuban system is that it assures universal access. Cuba has the Medicare for All that many Americans dream about.” (Nicholas Kristoff, New York Times, Jan. 18, 2019.)

(No point in refuting this hackneyed propaganda/idiocy yet again, amigos. We’ve demolished the “Cuba’s Free and Fabulous Healthcare!” meme often enough here at Townhall.

“Cuba is a tired little country, no threat to anyone, with impressive health care and education…President Barack Obama took the necessary step of re-establishing diplomatic relations and easing the embargo, but President Donald Trump reversed course and tightened things up again out of knee-jerk hostility to anything Cuban and anything Obaman.”  (Nicholas Kristoff, New York Times, Jan, 23, 2019.)

In fact, President Trump “tightened things up again” because he’s not an idiot. In fact, President Trump “tightened things up again” ( i.e. upheld the Helms-Burton Act as codified by U.S. law) because—in addition to his fealty to the U.S. Constitution—he’s not a sucker for disinformation swallowed and spread by people who collude (wittingly or useful-idiot-wise) with Cuba’s KGB-founded and mentored propaganda ministry. The Castro regime well knows who its friends are in the U.S. To wit: 


New York Times Recognizes Cuba's Health Achievements.” (Cuba’s KGB-founded and mentored media organ Prensa Latina, hailing their propaganda subsidiary back on Jan. 18, 2019. 

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