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“To those who are confused as to where the United States stands, let me be clear: As is their right under our Constitution, the American people have spoken. They have chosen a new president, and he has chosen a new ambassador to the United Nations…The United States opposes this (UN) resolution (condemning the U.S. embargo of Cuba) today in continued solidarity with the Cuban people and in the hope that they will one day be free to choose their own destiny. This assembly (the UN) does not have the power to end the U.S. embargo. It is based in U.S. law, which only the United States Congress can change…The Cuban regime is sending the warped message to the world that the sad state of its economy, the oppression of its people, and the export of its destructive ideology is not its fault.  We might stand alone today. But when the day of freedom comes for the Cuban people — and it will come — we will rejoice with them as only a free people can.” (U.S. Amb. Nikki Haley, Nov. 1, 2017.)

WHOOO!—WHOOO!...When was the last time a U.S. ambassador so gloriously slammed that UN gaggle of terrorists, tyrants and kleptocrats!

The occasion was the annual and ritual UN vote against the U.S. “embargo” of Cuba (which sits on the UN Human Rights Council!)

You see, amigos: For the past 26 years at around this time members of the UN vote ritually, and almost unanimously, to condemn the U.S. for our (so-called) embargo of Cuba. Ritually only Israel votes with us during this charade—and last year Obama instructed his UN ambassador to “abstain” (a polite way of joining in the condemnation) from voting.

Yes, amigos--you read right. On orders of the former president of the United States Barack Obama, the United States (essentially) voted against itself at the UN! 

But let’s shovel away the mountains of classic United Nations BS and define this annual UN charade properly: the world’s biggest burglar (the Castro-regime), along with its enablers and sap burglary-victims (most UN members) all throwing a tantrum against the one nation on earth that has steadfastly refused to be (further) burglarized by the world’s biggest burglar (the Castro-regime.

Here’s one issue on which the American taxpayer can look across the oceans, touch his nose with his thumb, extend his hand, and fan his fingers while snickering “NEENER!...NEENER!...NEENER!--You SUCKERS!”

You see, amigos: the taxpayers of nations from France to Spain to Germany, from South Korea to Japan and from Russia to Brazil –taxpayers of all these nations have all been shamelessly burglarized by the Castro-Family-Crime Syndicate (mislabeled “Cuba” by the Fake News Media.)

Of course we don’t hear or read much about this burglary in the Fake News Media. What we read is how these economically-sophisticated nations all “trade” with “Cuba,” --and that because of the machinations of the sinister and sleazy “Cuban-Exile Lobby” American businesses and their workers miss out on this financial bonanza of “trading with Cuba.”

“Yes, Middle America!” goes the mantra. “You are being denied the boons of lucrative financial transactions with Cuba because of a sleazy, foreign-born cabal of snickering, black–mustachioed mobsters we all learned about in Godfather 2 and Scarface! How long will you stand for this!”

And speaking of the many Castro-Crime-Family’s burglary victims who always vote to condemn the U.S. for refusing to be similarly burglarized, let’s flip through some recent news…for—AH! Here we go: 

“According to data from the Spanish Export Credit Insurance Company (Spain’s version of our taxpayer-funded Ex-Im Bank) the volume of defaults (by Cuba) is around 40 million euros, which requires keeping this credit line closed until the situation is regularized.)

In other words, only last week, The Castro-Crime-Family officially fleeced Spanish taxpayers for another 46 million euros. I say “another” because barely two years ago the Castro-Crime-Family stuck it to Spanish taxpayers for an earlier $1.88 billion!

The Castro brothers have gleefully fleeced taxpayers from the European Union to Canada, from Mexico to South Africa—in brief, the taxpayers of virtually every nation whose government granted trade credits to these kleptocrats—in brief, to the taxpayers of virtually every nation whose government refrains from “embargoing” the Castro-Crime-Family.  

The Castros stuck it to Mexico again three years ago, when its state development Bank Bancomex (Mexico’s version of our Ex-Im Bank) wrote off almost $500 million Cuba owed them from 15 years back. The Castros stuck it to Europe back in 1986, defaulting on most of their debt to the Paris Club. Fifteen years later the Castros stuck it to French taxpayers again for $175 million.

Recently Europe’s “Paris Club” of Cuba creditors finally wrote off $11 billion the Castro Crime Syndicate (called “Cuba” by the media) stole (called “loaned” by the media) from them.

All of those Castroite burglaries are on top of the $30 billion in Castroite debt Putin’s Russia “wrote-off” just last year.

We’ve been spared such fleecing because on Oct. 1960—right after Castro’s gunmen stole $7 billion from U.S. businessmen and tortured and murdered a few who resisted-- President Eisenhower imposed the first economic sanctions against the thieving, mass-murdering, terror-sponsoring Stalinists who (still) run Cuba. These sanctions grew into one of the CROWN JEWELS of recent U.S. foreign policy: the Cuba “embargo.”

President Eisenhower, by the way, at much prodding by Vice President Nixon, was the one who got the ball rolling on what became known as the Bay of Pigs invasion. Unfortunately the ball landed in JFK’s lap. Had Nixon won in 1960, some bandit/murderers named Fidel Castro and Che Guevara would merit less Wikipedia column inches today than Pancho Villa.  

So, amigos, when you hear or read the usual claptrap in the Fake News Media about the “Cuba embargo” simply replace that term with “trade credits from the U.S. taxpayers to the world’s biggest deadbeat/crooks” and you’ll get to the essence of the issue.

In brief, amigos: This U.S. refusal to let its taxpayers be burglarized by the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate is better known as “The Cuba Embargo.”

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