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Trump Sucker-Punches Deep State and Fake News Media on Cuba

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“Now that I am your President, America will expose the crimes of the Castro regime and stand with the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom….For nearly six decades, the Cuban people have suffered under communist domination. To this day, Cuba is ruled by the same people who killed tens of thousands of their own citizens, who sought to spread their repressive and failed ideology throughout our hemisphere, and who once tried to host enemy nuclear weapons 90 miles from our shores.” (President Donald Trump, June 16, 2017.)

In a vicious sucker punch to the Fake News Media and Deep State last Friday from Miami President Trump reminded many Americans (and revealed to others) that the regime occupying the large Caribbean island 90 miles south of Florida isn’t mostly an innocent provider of “free and fabulous healthcare.”

If the term “In-Your-Face” still means anything—then President Trump cranked it up several notches last Friday in Miami. To wit:

From their fetal positions in their safe-places, liberals and libertarians constantly whine and whimper about our “shameful gunboat diplomacy” about our “discredited and universally-reviled cowboy diplomacy.” The Bay of Pigs invasion always ranks near the top instigator of these liberal/libertarian whine and whimper-fests.

Well, here’s President Trump last Friday addressing the group (Cuban-Americans) who voted for him at the highest rate of any “ethnic” group in America-- at the same rate, in fact, as their bosom- partners as targets of media-derision “southern whites” :

“I am so thrilled to be back here with all of my friends in Little Havana! I love it. I love this city!...One of the big HONORS….was the HONOR of getting the Bay of Pigs award (by the Bay of Pigs Veterans Assoc. ) just before the election! (several Bay of Pigs veterans stood behind him on the stage) ... and it’s great to be gathered in a place named for a TRUE HERO of the Cuban people! “

President Trump gave his address last Friday at Miami’s Manuel Artime theatre. Manuel Artime was among the leaders of the Cuban freedom- fighters who landed at the Bay of Pigs, fought to their last bullet, and inflicted casualties of ten to one against their Soviet-led enemies. This feat of arms by these mostly civilian volunteers--though it horrifies liberal and libertarian snowflakes-- still amazes professional military men:

“They fought magnificently and were not defeated,” stressed Marine Col. Jack Hawkins a multi-decorated WWII and Korea vet who helped train them. “They were abandoned on the beach without the supplies and support promised by their sponsor, the Government of the United States.”

Indeed, modern history records few soldiers with the burning morale of the Bay of Pigs freedom-fighters. Their goal, after all, was to topple the mass-murdering, terror-sponsoring regime co-headed by Raul Castro, the man Obama high-fived in Havana last year and has greatly enriched with his anti-embargo policies to thunderous applause from the Deep Sate, Fake News media and libertarian “Think” tanks.

But OK, enough with the pageantry of the event. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: You see, amigos, as all that free Venezuelan oil stops flowing to the Castro family and Putin starts demanding actual payment (imagine that?) for Russian oil, the Castro regime was desperately counting on a “boom of U.S. tourists and U.S. hotel-building” as a new economic lifeline. Thanks to Obama’s “rapprochement” (i.e. surrenders and violations of U.S. law as codified in the Helms-Burton Act) this lifeline was already starting to gush.

With the Deep State/Fake News Media-complex deeply committed to succoring the Castro-regime, all the odds pointed to this lifeline of U.S. dollars (estimated at about $5.2 billion last year, mostly in remittances and travel expenditures) gushing ever stronger and further enriching the terror-sponsors on our doorstep.

Alarmingly, some say even Secretary of State Tillerson originally sided with Obama Deep-State Deptartment holdovers on the Cuba issue.

Whatever the case, the multi-billionaire Castro-Family-and-Military-Crony-Crime-Syndicate (habitually and obscenely labeled “Cuba” by the Deep-State/Fake News Media complex) was already rubbing their hands in anticipation and glee of the scam they’d pulled on U.S. law and the saps they’d made of the U.S. voter.

Well, if the term “putting the kibosh on” still means anything, President Trump cranked it up several notches last week in Miami. Though hardly a comprehensive “rollback” of Obama’s capitulations to Castro as some claim, Trump’s announced Cuba policy still WHACKS the Castro-Family-Crime-and-Terror-Sponsoring-Syndicate smack in the family jewels.

While leaving much of the window dressing intact (embassies open, cruise and airlines free to travel to and from the U.S. and the Castro family fiefdom), Trump’s announced policy very shrewdly aims for the very heart (or gonads) of the matter: U.S. tourism, the Stalinist regime’s cherished economic lifeline as all others dry-up.

In brief, as PRECISELY predicted by your humble servant two weeks ago, Trump’s new policy drastically tightens the rules for travel to Cuba from the U.S. Though 614,000 people visited the Castro fiefdom from the U.S. last year (depositing $BILLIONS in the coffers of the Castro regime’s military and secret police, who majority-own Cuba’s entire tourism infrastructure)—even given all that travel and spending, tourism to Cuba from the U.S. is technically illegal!

In brief, Trump’s policy will simply start enforcing U.S. law as codified by the U.S. Congress. (Quite a “revolutionary” concept after the Obama administration, no?)

So “sure!” the new policy says. “Knock yourselves out on U.S.-based cruise lines and airlines! You’re still perfectly free to dock and land in Cuba!” (But will they continue this Castro-regime-enrichment-scheme with half-empty ships and planes?) And while sending remittances to Cuba will remain legal, the category of Cubans who can receive U.S. cash remittances (estimated at $3 billion last year) is also being “reviewed.”

Hence, my use of the word “shrewd” to describe Trump’s policy.

President Trump’s policy was crafted, word has it, by Cuban-American Republican legislators Marco Rubio and Mario Diaz-Balart. Who better! These gentlemen know exactly what makes the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate tick.

Some academic “experts” will try chicken-entrail-reading the Castro regime’s official pronouncements for clues to its (genuine) reaction. We won’t bother with so fatuous an exercise. We won’t waste our time with such silliness.

Instead we’ll note the PANIC(!!!) of the Stalinist regime’s legions of U.S.-based agents and their Obama State Department colleagues. The former fear for their paychecks, the latter for their “legacy.” And both of these rewards are now twirling like the contents of a slowly flushing-toilet.

If you need more proof—right on the heels of Trump’s big announcement in Miami last week-- Moody’s Investor Service slashed the Castro fiefdom’s already abysmal credit rating to toilet contents level.

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