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Bigotry and "Hate-Speech" at The Washington Post

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The Washington Post’s vendetta against Cuban-American Marco Rubio continues with another hit-piece last week and with MSM soulmates CNN and The Los Angeles Times chiming in. But the WaPo’s rancor against the most lopsidedly Republican voters in America didn’t start with the Rubio hit-piece last month.

To wit: Imagine the proar from the MSM/Democratic axis upon discovering a Tea-Party placard that celebrates the mass-expulsion of Hispanic U.S. citizens from U.S. shores. (Heck, one that celebrated the expulsion of illegals would detonate their hair-trigger charge of ‘RACISM!”) Well, back in August 2007 a mass-expulsion of U.S. citizens of Hispanic heritage was in fact celebrated with a cartoon by the MSM/Democrat’s very flagship, The Washington Post. This hyper-sensitive guardian of liberal sensibilities, this vigilante, prosecutor, and judge for anything printed, spoken, or whispered that could conceivably imply a derogatory quality to any conceivable ethnic group ran this cartoon. Please study it carefully.

Note that a smiling Uncle Sam insults an American ethnic group (Cuban-Americans) as “nuisances" while forcibly expelling them from the nation in a rickety boat titled "Cuban-Americans," while these scowling, elderly and Mafiosi-clad people scream “we demand a chance to interfere with the '08 election!”

By “interfere” we have to assume the cartoonist refers to the right, privilege and duty bestowed upon U.S. citizens known as "voting." It so happens that the cartoonist, Pat Oliphant, is himself an immigrant to this country. In an interview with Time magazine he admitted to “leaning Democratic” in his politics.

I now invite you to contemplate the reaction from the usual political-correctness police had any other U.S. ethnic group (except overwhelmingly Republican Cuban-Americans) inhabited that boat. Imagine the fire and brimstone (literal, perhaps) if instead of Fedoras (rarely worn by Cuban-Americans, by the way) the group had worn kuffiyeh's, burkha’s and chadors!

Imagine the clamor and attempted extortions followed by craven apologies and grovelings if the boat's passengers had been "nappy-headed" and headed for Africa. Imagine the rallies in Los Angeles and the indignant blusterings by California politicians, The Hispanic Congressional Caucus and Nancy Pelosi if they'd worn sombreros.

Such cartoons are indeed imaginable with other ethnic groups — but surely with Uncle Sam cast as the villain, wearing a white hood, a swastika or an Ann Coulter mask. Maybe all three. In this one Uncle Sam smiles benevolently while handing the boat's ethnic occupants their just desserts.

When authorities in Virginia's Prince William County attempted to enforce U.S. laws against illegal immigration a few years ago the Washington Post denounced it as “shameful," "hypocritical" and "ugly." "Hounding Immigrants" ran the editorial's title. "By singling out illegal immigrants, local politicians are contributing to what is becoming a poisonous, increasingly nativist atmosphere that will infect relations with Hispanics generally."

Apparently they should single out legal ones, in the manner of Washington Post cartoons. There’s apparently nothing "poisonous" or "infectious," "shameful" or "nativist," mind you, about a cartoon gloating over the expulsion of U.S. citizens of Hispanic origin from America's shores in a manner identical to Ferdinand and Isabella's expulsion of Jews and Moors from Spain.

"Stop the Raids! Stop Hurting Children!" blared another WaPo editorial headline of the time. "The New Bedford raid is an inelegant example of how badly this country needs a clear-eyed immigration policy, one that provides . . . a path to citizenship for immigrants who have put down roost and contributed to the national economy." ("As long as they don't go on to vote Republican" they forgot to add.)

The immigrant (actually, refugee) group the Post insults in a manner utterly inconceivable for any other, is in fact the very one that “implanted roots" and "contributed to the national economy” like few others. The 2000 census shows 2nd generation Americans of Cuban heritage to have income and educational levels higher — not just than other "Hispanic" (a meaningless term) groups-- but higher than the U.S population in general.

Back in 2006 current The Daily Beast columnist Norman Birnbaum (a Jewish-American) said of Cuban-Americans: “Despite the truly repellent Miami Cubans of the older generation and their gallant allies, the Israel lobby, Castro hangs on.”

Birnbaum is also a Georgetown Professor Emeritus and former advisor to three Democratic Presidential candidates. Now imagine ,say, a Republican political adviser and Hillsdale college professor/author spouting – on the record on for public consumption – any of the following phrases: "those truly repellent New York Jews" or "those truly repellent Detroit Negroes" or "those truly repellent Los Angeles Mexicans."

Would he even bother seeking future media employment? I apologize for insulting your intelligence. Within the MSM/Democratic axis such insults can only apply against Cuban-Americans. And for an excellent reason: Americans of Cuban heritage are not only the most overwhelmingly Republican ethnic group in the U.S.—they’re also the most loyal Republicans in the history of the U.S.

Exit polls show that Cuban-Americans voted against Obama by the highest margins-- and by far — of any U.S. ethnic group, including "anglos." As regarded by the MSM, this is not an endearing trait.

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