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Famed Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi told his players that there are three kinds of people in this world: Those that make it happen. Those that watch it happen. And those who ask, “What happened?”


Team Brandon is made up almost exclusively of those from the third group. 

They check all of the woke, sexual preference boxes. They have memorized all of the politically correct responses. They are adept at passing the buck. They feel good about saving the planet and militantly defending even the most barbaric abortion butchery. But on the issues that matter most to regular Americans, they seem completely clueless. 

With ships backing up at our ports and rail movements slowed by new emission standards, the supply chain crisis deepened. So what did our fresh-faced Secretary of Transportation do? He took two months off for maternity leave of course. Or was it paternity leave? In any event, the crisis is still with us. Can you express (in a coherent sentence) what the administration’s plan is to fix the problem? 

Didn’t think so. 

Like so many other problems, this team either does not know or refuses to acknowledge the root causes of the growing list of crisis’. They can’t lead. They won’t follow. All we hear is the repeating echo,“What happened?” Perhaps some of them privately recognizethat their policies are largely to blame. It’s just easier to blame Putin, Trump or bad press.


Maybe it is Vladimir Putin who is behind the unprecedented invasion of our Southern Border. Think about it. The Ukrainians fight back. We don’t. 

Consider the possibility that it was actually Donald Trump who laid the groundwork for this administration’s war on domestic energy. The Donald was secretly prepared to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, redline the most promising exploration leases and slow-walk permits for drilling and additional pipelines. Implausible yes. But it may be better than admitting that it was their own boneheaded policies that have resulted in record high gasoline prices. Working stiffs who complain about it, well they can just plunk down $65K for a new Tesla. 

 Problem solved. 

Except that the same Department of Energy (the one that has no plan to solve the gas crisis) is now warning of rolling electricity brownouts this summer. Especially in states like California which coincidentally have the highest number of electric vehicles. Team Brandon may be inept, but at least they’re consistent. 

They have no plan to deal with that either. 

As far as we know, Vice President Harris is still in charge of fixing the problem of illegal aliens flooding across our Southern border. Anyone know what her plans are? Word salads apparently are not the answer. 


This would all be quite humorous if it weren’t so serious. 

On a very serious note, our Attorney General seemed surprised when the angry demonstrations outside the private residences of Supreme Court Justices finally spawned an assassination attempt. General Garland had previously given tacit approval to these intimidating tactics even though he surely knew that threatening or intimidating judges violates both the letter and the spirit of federal law. 

His Justice Department and FBI are plumbing new lows in public confidence. The DOJ will go to any length, kick in any door or trample any Constitutional right to track down Trump supporters. Like the ones who came to Washington on January 6th to protest an election that they felt was stolen. But folks who looted and burned our cities…not so much. Remember the members of the FBI high command? The ones who lied to federal judges to get warrants to spy on candidate and then President Trump? The ones who kept the hoax alive for four long, expensive years? Most were given a scolding and told not to do it again. No prosecution required. 

Secretary of the Treasury Yellen admitted that she was wrong when she said earlier that our national bout with inflation was “transitory.” During a recent Senate hearing she mumbled something about COVID and Putin, but seemed utterly clueless about the real causes of the worst inflation in forty years. Any freshman student in Econ 101 might suggest that if the Federal Reserve Bank underwrites trillions in deficit spending by printing more dollars, those dollars might be worth less. 


Wasn’t Ms. Yellen Obama’s Chairman of the Fed?

There is simply not enough space in this column to discuss all of the cluelessness exhibited by this Brandon bunch. So please feel free to use the comment section below to add your two cents worth. 

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