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The National Security Threat on America's Campuses

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AP Photo/Charles Krupa

A U.S. Department of Education investigation has revealed the extent of foreign influence at America’s universities. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told reporters in December that six universities received $1.3 billion in foreign funds from hostile nations aiming to undermine American interests, including China and Russia.


DeVos confirmed that these numbers are just "scratching the surface," and countless other universities likely have entered into similar agreements with foreign governments. China is exploiting the university system in part through their "Thousand Talents program," which has turned legions of Americans in privileged positions throughout the public and private sector into spies. This is the real foreign- collusion scandal.

This news has been widely underreported among mainstream media outlets that focus instead on impeachment and relentless distractions. Although it is a massive story with grave implications, it should surprise no one familiar with the culture that pervades campuses nationwide. Dictators Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, and America’s other 20th Century enemies are surely smiling from below at the leftist-dominated educational system that plagues this republic.

The American college experience molds young men and women into lives of decadence, atheism, immorality, debt slavery, and blind conformity to the status quo. Through an extreme lack of vigilance and responsibility, the bottom-rung filth of society has risen into positions of supreme power and authority at modern universities, with few exceptions. They have instituted a regime that attacks American values systematically by design, providing a haven for insurrectionary ideas to thrive within academia.


The university has become an incubator for ideas such as white privilege, the notion that skin color rather than hard work and determination achieves success in society. Gender theory has obliterated the biological notion of sex, resulting in 7-year-old transgender children being drugged with puberty blockers. Women have been taught through feminism to reject the family, adopt a promiscuous lifestyle, poison their bodies with birth control and abortions, and – worst of all – vote Democrat. Birthrates are now collapsing as a result in a manner that jeopardizes the future of the West.

The fields of economics and sociology have created battalions of young socialists who seek to replace market capitalism with a Venezuela-style command economy. Pupils cannot tell you what the Bill of Rights is,  other than a vestige of racist, sexist slave owners. But they sure can recite the planks of the Communist Manifesto, which is the most assigned economic book on campuses nationwide.

If any student is guilty of things wrong, they are devoured by the mob without deliberation. The left-wing mob, whipped into a frenzy of blind hatred and emboldened by a moral mandate of tolerance and diversity, attacks all who dare challenge the holy dogma of social justice. As Gibson's bakery found out, power-tripping campus administrators wring their hands in private as they devise schemes to sic their indoctrinated jackals upon the innocent. Empowered by technology and social media, the left-wing mob is quickly making the Orwellian nightmare into an inescapable reality.


Based on the culture that persists on universities nationwide, it seems that China, Russia, and other countries peddling influence with payoffs are getting quite a return on their investment. The domestic enemy is more insidiously effective than an invader ever could hope to be  Our foreign enemies exert soft power and enjoy the decay. With so many universities evidently on the doles of these hostile regimes, they should be classified as enemies of the state and subject to drastic action, without exception.

Similar to what Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is doing, a purge must be conducted on public campuses nationwide. While Trump's recent executive order against campus anti-Semitism is a good start, it must be expanded and applied to all anti-Americanism festering in these liberal thought prisons. It must apply to all ideologies that tear at the heart of the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Entire departments must be rooted out, banned, destroyed, and ushered into the dustbin of history. Our national security depends upon nothing less.

As the legendary Senator Barry Goldwater once stated: "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice." This is a national emergency, as the facts now bear out. Foreign infiltration at our public universities is a geopolitical priority rivaling all others in importance. It is time for the federal government to seize assets from public universities like they do to other hostile entities. It is time for activity on these campuses to be shut down until we can find out exactly what is going on. Secretary DeVos has uncovered the problem with her due diligence, and now the cancer infecting our youth must be attacked with extreme prejudice.


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