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People fall in love everyday. Some fall so hard they get goofy. Some fall harder still, worshiping the object of their affection.

When the worship begins, control over the relationship shifts. The one being worshiped is in the driver's seat.

We're amused when our friends or associates fall this way. We remember back to a time when we experienced some of those feelings and remember how good we felt. There was joy and excitement. There was longing, yet fear of loss. There was an insecurity that the entire affair would end as love affairs often do. If love ended we were lost for a time, inconsolable.

And if we're willing to admit it, for a time we were irrational and there was nobody who could make us think objectively. We were done at that point; stick a fork in us. Some of us awoke from our love-drugged stupor, staring at the person snoring in the bed next to us and thought, oops. You know who you are!

If one of our children or good friends fall into one of these worshipful love affairs, we are understandably alarmed. We know that under this influence they could make incredibly bad decisions, some life altering. After making bad choices under the influence of irrational, worshipful love they could find them on the business end of a shotgun, or, laying in a doctor's office with clinic staff telling them that everything was going to be alright, when in fact it is never, ever going to be alright again.

Bad decisions made under the influence of a worshipful love can cause simple misery, or even loss of property. Sure it could all work out – but irrational love is a dangerous gamble.

Bringing love-worship to the presidency is an unnecessary risk. Applying the same high emotions to a thing, in this case the federal government, amounts to idol worship.

For these reasons, I am finally canceling my subscription to the Washington Post.

I had been maintaining it, simply to keep an eye on what the “other side” is thinking, planning, doing. But lately all they are doing is worshiping “Blessed Leader.” Their coverage of the coming inauguration is more hysterical drama than you could find at a dozen teenage weddings. Apparently to The Post, Obama's rise is bigger than landing on the moon, Princess Diana's death, and the finale of American Idol, all rolled into one.

The difference between how they treated Bush at the start of his administration, verses how they are treating the “Anointed One” is both stark and embarrassing. Where is their shame?

The Post and all the other lame-stream media are in the grips of an irrational love-worship and it's annoying and dangerous. You cannot love this man unless you love-worship the government.

But the lame-stream love-struck media is very selective. They do not love the Constitution or the Bill or Rights. That is clear, because they do not promote and protect our individual liberty – just the rights that they enjoy.

They do not love the two party system. Their hatred seeps through every scolding, judgmental article they write about the loyal opposition.

They do not love church. They scoff and sneer at the religious.

They do not love the businessman. They attack and criticize his success. They cheer when the governments' loot his bank account. They grin when taxes and regulations do him in. They can barely hide their disgust with Capitalism and simple profit. I guess it's so long since they made a profit they have forgotten how it feels to succeed.

They do not love our military or the men and women who give their lives to keep us free. They cannot wait to pounce on any misconduct or misstep, making it appear as if the entire group is corrupted and stupid. They boldly use the death of our soldiers as fodder to push their whiny, pacifistic attitudes.

They do not admire honesty, often covering up when crooked politicians lie with straight faces – unless they are Republicans. When Republicans are caught in even the most minor of affairs, they descend upon them, then rend and tear them until their enemy is politically dead.

Worst of all, they do not love the truth. For them, truth is a tool. Truth is relative and can be whatever you want it to be. They bend it, ignore it, twist it, change it, spin it, laugh at it – whatever it takes to promote their agenda and their favorites.

And lately, they don't care that you and I know this.

I cannot continue to lend my financial support to such people. My dropped subscription does not amount to much. I know the newspapers are dying and I say good riddance. But while they are still around, pardon me if I keep the opinion that these are emotional, irrational entities that cannot be taken seriously if we wish to promote and protect the Constitution.

I could go so far as to suggest that these pathetic love-sick sycophants have become the enemies of liberty. You cannot worship a president and his government if you wish to remain free. That would give one man too much power. He would need more character and restraint than a mere human possesses to resist abuse.

This is not just my opinion. The Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to help us fend off such a dangerously empowered leader. They worshiped God and their love was reserved for their Constitution and their fellow citizens – who they believed were the heart and soul of this nation – not one man, nor one party, and certainly not any government. They knew a simple truth that too many have forgotten.

Oh, and on Inauguration Day, I will not be watching TV. I will be taking a walk in the woods to clear my head and remember what is truly great about this country. I suggest others do the same.

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