Well Now, Isn’t That Odd?

Posted: Nov 22, 2013 12:01 AM
Well Now, Isn’t That Odd?

Odd that pending sales of homes declining in September were followed by a decline in closed home sales in October?

Odd how 7 of 8 jobs created have been part time since the 30 hour mandate in Obamacare was announced?

Odd how the economy hasn’t recovered?

Odd we were told the economy was at risk of going into recession if the government shutdown but jobs and retail sales went up during the shutdown?

Odd that six weeks later the president did what he said he wouldn’t do during the shutdown and ‘ordered’ insurance companies to ‘allow’ people to keep their current policies?

Odd that state insurance commissioners and insuranccompae nies after three years of preparation and implementation said no to reverting back to the old system as the president ordered?

Odd that when the central planners had three and a half years, over six hundred million dollars to build a health insurance exchange that it wouldn’t work?

Odd that the Obamacare law has a no loss guarantee for insurance companies in the exchange to be paid for with taxpayer money?

Odd when five million families received cancellation notices for their health insurance policies mandated to be replaced with much higher cost insurance that disapproval of Obamacare went up to 61%?

Odd when 400,000 in Illinois shopped the exchange 0.25% (1,370) actually purchased insurance that the director of the exchange said was proof of the demand for affordable insurance?

Odd, when millions are spent advertising the exchanges that zero people in Oregon, and only one person in Delaware purchased a policy because it was like shopping at a Soviet grocery store?

Odd a White House talking points memo ordered Democrats to stop using the term Obamacare?

Odd when the president was caught in his lies his job approval rating plummeted to 37%?

Odd that consumer confidence is collapsing?

Odd that JPMorgan Chase agreed to pay a $13 billion fine for their mortgage business practices prior to the meltdown after receiving tens of billions in taxpayer bailout money after the meltdown?

Odd that Wall Street fears the Fed will taper their QE money printing while Main Street fears the Fed will continue their QE money printing?

Odd that the surrender caucus establishment Republicans have forfeited their leverage to defund Obamacare by telling the disaster’s creator a government shutdown won’t be used again?

Odd how the debt ceiling was waived in shutdown negotiations until February 2014 and the debt increased from $16.4 trillion to $17.2 trillion in less than a month?

Odd how there is a human reaction to every government action?

Odd how Obama economic and tax policy, the polar opposite of Reagan policy, produced the opposite results?

Well now, isn’t that odd?

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