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Indoctrination- The act of liberal indoctrination through education. Typically in pre-school through high school and then a graduate degree in the liberal enclaves known as universities. However the use of indoctrination has been widespread in the media and Hollywood for decades.


Now comes indoctrination through government programs compliments of a lawless Obama administration. The Imperial president rewrites settled law without a peep from the purported caretakers of the people, the media.

Worse is the Republican Party who does nothing. The Republican Party is under the control of the Establishment/Rino/French/ status quo leadership who are enabling Obama and the socialist Democrats to undermine America as founded. The Establishment/Rino wing really should leave the Republican Party, form a Whig Party, and leave conservatives/libertarians/independents to stand up for America and our Constitutional Republic.

What lawless acts has Obama perpetrated? One example is Obama’s removal of ‘work’ from welfare to work. The result? Spending on welfare is up 32% since Obama took office and a record 16.1% of Americans are living in poverty.

The most recent example of lawlessness is the five revisions Obama has made to the ACA when he has absolutely no authority to do so. Exempting congress from Obamacare, and then ordering the subsidization of congress’s health care by 75% raised eyebrows for a minute, however the masses who have been indoctrinated have already forgotten, behaving like the good subjects intended.


Since Obama and the Democrats have no opposition, only the enabler Republicans desiring the status quo, the radical Cordray’s appointment to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was granted.

From Mortgage Servicing News an article by Professor Clifford Rossi who in part wrote: “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s qualified mortgage rules and the agency’s intention to pursue disparate impact claims expose mortgage lenders to enormous regulatory and legal risk. Without clear guidance from the CFPB, the natural response by lenders will be to reduce credit availability and/or raise prices.”

The schizophrenic liberal ideology strikes again; the Dodd Frank CFPB creation mandates stricter lending guidelines while simultaneously ordering lenders to avoid violating fair lending practices by making more loans to low income people.

Only from the mind of a leftist radical wielding unmitigated power (no congressional oversight, CFPB under the Federal Reserve’s jurisdiction), due to feckless Republicans and insidious Democrats, housing will now suffer the negative consequences.

The answer to failed government programs are not more government programs. The CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) replaced by the CFPB is like taking the detergent module from your toddler and replacing it with marbles.


But it gets even better. From the FHA: “For borrowers who went through a recession-related financial event, FHA stated it realizes “their credit histories may not fully reflect their true ability or propensity to repay a mortgage.” (DSNews)

Please allow me to translate for you: It’s not your fault that evil Bush caused a recession and if you suffered a loss of job or income we will willy nilly just change our administrative rules that allow you to qualify for another taxpayer backed mortgage after only one year from discharge of your bankruptcy or foreclosure.

It’s obvious the president, the American left, the Democrats disregard the universal truth that if you want more of something you reward it. Irresponsible behavior is no longer to be punished but rewarded out of ‘fairness’, for ’social justice’, aka socialism. Indoctrination through bureaucracy.

This leads me to ‘Fritz’s Rule’. The Establishment/Rino/French/Status Quo Republicans, the Rockefeller, Nixon, Bush, Christie, Boehner, McConnell wing of the Republican Party are big government statists just as the Democrats and produce the same results. Albeit more slowly.

I have developed ‘Fritz’s Rule’ to return the Republican Party to conservative members and leadership. The only antidote to the big government elites who deny American citizens the founding principle of limited government.


Vote for the conservative in the primary. If the Rino wins the primary vote for the Democrat in the general. Remember there is no difference between what will happen if you elect a Rino or Democrat. Never donate to the RNC again. Contribute to individual conservative candidates.

Hopefully after a couple election cycles we can return to being America, save the housing industry, economy, and lift the record number of people suffering out of poverty.

The opinions expressed here are solely those of Fritz Pfister or identified sources, and not necessarily those of RE/MAX Professionals of Springfield or RE/MAX International.

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