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The Verdict: Americans are Certifiably Nuts

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The clinching piece of evidence to convict Americans: they are engrossed in an argument over $800 billion in taxes over ten years while spending a trillion dollars every year more than they bring in.

What other evidence confirms this verdict?

Reelecting Obama. Out to prove Einstein correct voters living in the worst economic recovery, the worst stretch of unemployment since the Depression, clamoring for jobs reelected a man who proposed doing more of the same.

Ben Bernanke. Like sheep led to the slaughter Bernanke announced the Fed duties no longer are limited to monetary policy, it was now in charge of fiscal policy and would inflate the currency by $85 billion every month until unemployment falls below 6.5%.

This is an utter act of insanity in plain sight, however the indoctrinated masses are unaware due to a media who is unaware. The inflation bomb just keeps getting bigger. The unknown factor is nobody knows when the timer will detonate the bomb. Certifiably nuts.

Eliminate the debt ceiling. The progressive’s dream come true, an unlimited credit card to buy votes forever while violating the Constitution, the Democrats favored pastime. In days of old should any president have suggested eliminating the debt ceiling they would have immediately been placed in a straight jacket. But not in today’s America. Lock the door and throw away the key on this one.

Tax the rich. Raising taxes on the productive class at a time jobs are desperately needed, and the GDP is shrinking towards recession is like trading your cow for a gallon of milk. Certifiably nuts.

Paranoid gullibility. How else can you describe a people who believes time and again the same lies? They’re just like the abused wife who takes her man back again when he tells her it will be better this time. Absolutely nuts.

Is there hope or a cure? Can sanity be regained among the populace?

The jury is out, however there were slivers of hope this week. Illinois’ ban on concealed carry was ruled unconstitutional and the state was given six months to implement a law permitting what the Constitution already guarantees. The right to bear arms.

Then Michigan the birthplace of the UAW, became a right to work state. To think in a state where the UAW through the force of law, mandated involuntary servitude into their Democratic Party money laundering machine, will now allow an individual the choice whether or not they want to join a union. A definite sign of sanity and a victory for individual liberty.

The union’s violent reaction, due to the prospect that businesses will now consider Michigan to create jobs, where the union doesn’t get a piece of the action to pass along to their favorite politician, does indicate Michigan still has a measurable population of insane people. Wisconsin syndrome perhaps?

Until we cure enough Americans of their temporary insanity- hopefully it is temporary- the inmates will run the asylum in DC. The only hope for America are the red states continuing to be inhabited and led by sane people.

What about the people in the blue states getting cured? Writing this from the heart of the beast in Springfield Illinois I can guarantee you there is no hope until shock therapy is administered.

The good news is that treatment has begun. The Illinois Democratic Party has run out of other people’s money and now are setting upon their union cronies. They are about to flip the switch this January on union pensions and contracts.

In January the nation can watch Illinois as the shock therapy is administered. Should shock therapy fail to cure the patient, lobotomy will be the only remaining treatment.

The people of Illinois are certifiably nuts for reelecting the same people that have bankrupted the state but also provided more evidence of their delusion this week. Over 60% said they would vote for Michelle Obama for Senator.

Perhaps the state is too far gone to be saved?

The founders were geniuses by establishing this federal system where states could serve as incubators for social experiments. Find out what works and what fails. Illinois has failed. I would profusely apologize for exporting Illinois politicians to Washington DC but I did warn everyone. Crazy people don’t usually listen.

The opinions expressed here are solely those of Fritz Pfister or identified sources, and not necessarily those of RE/MAX Professionals of Springfield or RE/MAX International.


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