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The Case For Trump

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Let’s start with the obvious: 1) Donald Trump is a successful billionaire – a man with flourishing businesses all over the world. You don’t become that wealthy without brains, drive, ingenuity, and determination – all valuable assets in a potential president.


2) Trump gets results. Remember the birther movement? For three years, millions of Americans demanded that Obama release his birth certificate. He refused. Then Trump spoke up. Within a month, the birth certificate was plastered on television sets nationwide. How many individuals single-handedly could’ve gotten Obama to cave? Perhaps only one – Donald Trump.

3) Trump strives for excellence. Ivanka Trump recalls that when she was a child her father used to tell her, “You’re going to be thinking anyway. Might as well think big.” Before 9/11 Trump dreamed of constructing the tallest building in the world. At his rallies, Trump often hails military giants like Douglas MacArthur and George Patton. And as an executive, Trump is a man who – as Kerry Woolard, general manager of Trump Winery, put it – “inspires greatness and demands excellence.” We could use a man like that.

4) Trump is normal. By that I mean his mind hasn’t been warped by political correctness. Take his support of torture, for example. Hardly a single American outside of “sophisticated” circles would oppose torturing terrorists to obtain valuable intelligence. And yet, no politician dares support it. Trump does. Torture works, he said. “And if it doesn’t work,” he added, “they deserve it anyway.” I could listen to a man like that all day.


5) Trump bleeds red, white, and blue. Three years ago, I remember listening to Trump on The Michael Savage Show advocate that we take the oil in Iraq to finance our war there. If you recall, politicians at the time were tripping over themselves denying that the Iraq war had anything to do with oil. Not Trump. Seize the oil, he said. No apology. No defensiveness. America first, period.

6) Trump has amazing children. If Trump were the buffoon and crazed man people portray him to be, he wouldn’t have kids like Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric. Clean-cut, serious, industrious, and – even more amazing in the modern age – proud fans of their father. Numerous interviewers have tried getting them to say something negative about their father. They won’t. Kids nowadays are supposed to have “complicated” relationships with their parents, but Trump’s kids seem not to have gotten that memo. Their father raised them on a strict diet of hard work plus four “No”s – no drugs, no alcohol, no smoking, no tattoos – and rather than hating him for it, they adore him.

7) Trump thinks out of the box. Politics has become ossified. Every election cycle, the same promises, the same clichés, the same proposals. Trump brings fresh thinking to the table, which, more than anything, is what this country needs right now. You may or may not agree with his proposal, for example, to make Mexico pay for the proposed wall on our southern border, but one thing is certain: No politician would have ever thought of it, let alone suggested it. If elected, Trump will likely include other out-of-the-box thinkers in his Cabinet.


8) Trump tells it like it is. This trait can get him into trouble, but it’s a breath of fresh air. Every normal American knows that admitting masses of Muslims into this country when their Koran calls for the violent submission of Christianity and Judaism defies logic. But no politician dares utter this heresy. Political correctness dictates that you defy common sense. Trump doesn’t care. If a fact is staring him in the face, he states it.

9) Trump understands ISIS. By that I mean he knows that to defeat barbarians, you have to use their playbook. Niceness gets you nowhere. That’s why – as Trump relayed approvingly at a rally – General “Black Jack” Pershing once allegedly executed 49 Muslim terrorists in the Philippines with bullets dipped in pig’s blood. And that’s why Trump favors targeting the families of terrorists. Simply put, it’s effective. If you have any doubts, just google the words “Russian diplomats kidnapped 1985.”

10) Trump is a team player. This assertion may sound strange in light of his campaign, but think about it: Could Trump have built all those buildings on the Upper West Side, for example, without years of negotiations and courting of politicians? Trump can be tough, but he’s also smart. He knows how to get people on board.

Is Trump perfect? Of course not. Among other things, he supports the welfare state, which I think is a financial and moral disaster. But after eight years of Obama, this country could use an unabashed, unapologetic leader as president who possesses boundless energy, raw intelligence, love of country, and – most importantly – common sense.

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