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The Left is livid. And as a result they are killing the reputations and careers of well-meaning people and organizations.

One needn’t look too far into the past to find examples. On the contrary, the last week has provided a number of them.


In the world of celebrity, Ellen DeGeneres a liberal sympathizer, has drawn the ire of the Left because she used the term “people of color” in a statement supporting the rioters. Similarly, renowned liberal Emma Watson tried to participate in the blackout social media trend – designed to draw attention to the rioter’s cause – only to be shouted down because she tweeted a black box with a white border around it.

In the sports community, Drew Brees was canceled for stating that when he stands for the pledge of allegiance, he thinks of his grandfather who fought in World War Two. Somehow, this statement was deemed insensitive and ignorant to the plight of black people. Needless to say, Brees did not say anything minimizing the concerns of the black community nor did he in any way question that George Floyd’s death was a tragedy. Still, Brees was forced to apologize after his teammates and colleagues ganged up on him. Even the city of New Orleans, to whom Brees has dedicated the entirety of his storied career and whose black community benefits from his continued philanthropy, had protestors cursing out Brees; all because he expressed support for the American flag.

Over the weekend, the literary community was graced with a similar spectacle. J.K Rowling, whose liberal bona fides were thought to be secure when she long ago randomly announced that one of her most iconic characters – Albus Dumbledore – was gay, tweeted out a short thread where she expressed support for the transgender community. However, she at the same time was willing to take a "bold" stance and argue that sex is not simply a social construct. She was prepared to acknowledge the legitimacy of the biological genders. Despite the fact that she explicitly stated that she would “march with [trans folks] if [they] were discriminated against” and that she’s “been empathetic to trans people for decades” she was scolded by the Left for discriminating; which is of course the exact opposite of what she did. Rowling articulated what the Right has been expressing for decades, the notion that “it isn’t hate to speak the truth.” Sadly, Rowling learned the hard way that the Left isn’t interested in the truth, but rather, "their truth" which is anything that perpetuates their contrived perceptions about how the world, government, and human beings ought to operate. Once again, the liberal mob attacked one of their own supporters for having a differing opinion.


But wait, it gets even more insane. On Wednesday night, the internet exploded with criticism because the New York Times – not exactly known for their kinship toward conservative causes – published an op-ed from sitting United States Senator, Tom Cotton (R-AR) Commentators noted that the Times has previously published op-eds from terrorists and dictators whose pieces were not met with the same outrage. So now the New York Times, which pathetically published explanations and apologies for presenting a conservative opinion, is no longer accepted by their only remaining readers; the Left.

Combined with riots, all of these events have a common denominator. The Left is clearly angry. 

They’re still angry that Trump won the presidency. They’re angry that the Russian collusion narrative was been lambasted as fake. They’re angry that their impeachment attempt failed. They’re angry that Joe Biden won the Democratic nomination. 

A person or group could only take so much failure until they snap. And like any person when made angry, the Left is starting to snap. Some snap at their dog, others at their spouse, many at their kids. The Left is also snapping at its own. Its own supporters, its own countrymen, and its own liberal propaganda arms. The result is tragic and of major consequence, people who are afraid of the Leftist mob are no longer free to have an opinion. 

The Right, in contrast, never behaves like this when out of power. The closest thing the right has had to ANTIFA is the alt-right which was rooted out from amongst their midst. Nobody hears about them anymore because the Right disowned them and their personalities have faded into irrelevance. The closest the GOP has had to occupy wall street is the tea party movement, and while the former was dangerous, the latter was just a few white men with conservative policy proposals (and Sarah Palin.)


There is a reason that the Right doesn’t devolve into madness when things aren’t working out as the Left does. It’s because outside of government, conservatives prioritize family, religion, and broader values. These are things that the very founding of the Leftist ideology detests. When the Right loses government, they go on with their lives, and wait their turn. The Right doesn’t care when they are shouted down by the left and their affiliates because their lives consist of more than just politics. When the left loses government, they lose everything. When someone or something loses everything they become angry. He who is angry, is dangerous. 

The Left has become dangerous. They are dangerous to anyone who they perceive as slighting them. They literally want you to bow down to them, in an effort to quell their pains. Context has been rendered irrelevant. Someone can have the most left-leaning, or patriotic, or unifying, intentions in the world and the Left will still scream mindlessly at a person for even the smallest of “mistakes.”

The Left is livid, and with nowhere to turn to ameliorate their wrath, there is no one they won’t come for.

Elliot Fuchs is a political consultant, commentator, and writer. You can follow him on twitter @Elliot_Fuchs.

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