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AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

With the recent prisoner exchange between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Americans better be on notice that Iran is once again in the business of taking hostages for ransom. Any U.S. citizen traveling to the Islamic Republic might want to rethink their travel plans. Truthfully, the Iranian regime has been taking Americans hostage and holding them for ransom since the overthrow of the Shah of Iran back in 1979.


Unfortunately, contrary to America’s long claimed official policy of not paying ransom for hostages, with regards to Iran, every single time the United States has acquiesced to Iranian demands in order to get our people back.

I’ve always had a bone up pick with Americans who continue to ignore State Department warnings not to travel to certain countries because they are unstable, or that they are a terrorist regime like Iran that poses a threat to American citizens. Yet for some reason Americans continue to ignore these warnings and travel to dangerous parts of the world only to find themselves in a jam, and then they expect the U.S. government to spring them out.

American diplomats and members of the military certainly are entitled to the expectation that the U.S. government, which may well have sent them into harm’s way in the first place, will do everything to return them safely to their families. Others who choose to travel to a dangerous country should understand that they are doing so against government warnings, and that they travel at their own risk.  

In some cases the lives of American Special Operators are put at risk conducting rescue operations deep inside enemy territory in order to bring back Americans who were kidnapped and held hostage. Lives have been lost, and all needlessly if Americans would only pay attention to the warnings our government issues about travel to certain areas.


After this most recent ‘deal’, I’m reminded of the Bowe Bergdahl case that was ‘negotiated’ by the Obama Administration. After exchanging five senior Taliban terrorists for an American turn-coat, a military deserter who had left his unit and fellow soldiers during a time of war to go over to the enemy side, and who then was later described by Obama official Susan Rice as having “served with honor and distinction,” I can’t help but wonder who’s steering this ship of state?

The answer is really pretty simple. The same people who nearly drove our country into the ground during the eight years Barack Hussein Obama was occupying the Oval Office.  There’s no doubt they continue to receive their marching orders straight from Martha’s Vineyard. Joe Biden is nothing but a front man, a figurehead who follows the instructions he is given from the true ‘man behind the curtain.’

One can predict what is likely going to happen now that those Iranians that were being held by the U.S. are back home in Iran. The Islamic Republic is probably already planning for the next time they snatch an American citizen to use as a bargaining chip. Other enemies of America have also taken note of what has become our response to similar situations, and they too will plan accordingly.


I also question the explanation about the supposed restrictions on how Iran can use the six billion dollars they were also given, in what is another lopsided trade the Obamunists have negotiated with Iran. It’s disingenuous at the least, and a bold faced lie at the worst to claim that Iran is obligated to abide by any deal, treaty, or pact that is negotiated between the United States and Iran. They never have, why would they start now?

Supposedly Iran can only use the money for humanitarian expenditures, and must request the funding be released each time. So what is to prevent the Mullahs in Iran from diverting their own money currently being spent on “humanitarian expenses” to terrorism, and then requesting money to replace those funds to be used for legitimate purposes? Not a damn thing.

How difficult is it to hide money and how it’s being used anyway? Just ask the Biden family, they’re experts considering all the shell companies they created to cover up the influence peddling and bribes being paid to Joe Biden.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has taken our proverbial lunch money in every negotiation we’ve entered into with them. John Kerry liked to pat himself on the back for the Iran nuclear deal, which clearly and overwhelmingly favored Iran. Now we have this prisoner exchange, and once again the Iranians have accurately assessed just how desperate we were to make a deal, and they negotiated accordingly.


As I stated previously, Americans might want to reassess any travel plans they might have for overseas. Iran is not above snatching Americans from other countries and spiriting them back to Iran to hold hostage for ransom. They have been at war with the United States since 1979. Iran has long been more than willing to resort to anything to achieve their political goals. And they will continue to do so.

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