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With all the recent revelations coming out about Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents from his previous time as vice president, it begs a few questions which hopefully a Special Counsel investigation appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland will answer.


The first question that comes to my mind is about the Top Secret documents found at the Penn Biden Center. The Penn Biden Center did not come into existence until 2018, at least a full year into the Trump Administration. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that President Trump, or anyone working for him would not have approved Vice President Biden’s request to retrieve classified documents from the White House for any purpose. Even before their contentious 2020 campaign there weren’t any warm feelings between the two.

But if there were some overriding legitimate need for the former vice president to review certain documents, there was a process that he would need to follow in order to have access to that material.

First and foremost would be a formal request submitted to the repository where those documents were stored. Considering the government regulations and federal statutes in place which governs the storage and handling of classified documents, more than likely if Biden were approved to review any classified material it would have to take place inside the secured spaces within the repository that maintained possession and control of the documents in question.

The controlling authority certainly wouldn’t just hand them over to Joe Biden or his representatives and allow them to take the material to another unsecured location and be maintained there to be reviewed by Biden at his leisure at some later date. If that was indeed done, then the repository itself would be violating their own federal regulations and statutes!  Not likely.


The Penn Biden Center aside, now we are learning that additional classified material from his days as vice president was stored inside the garage at Joe Biden’s Delaware home. Along with his 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, according to Joe Biden.

Presumably not inside the locked glove box of his Vette, but in a cardboard box in a small closet in the garage. At least we must presume that since no mention was made of any government approved safe certified for the storage of classified material has been mentioned.

Biden himself has repeatedly said that he “takes classified documents seriously”, apparently as evidence by his outrage over former President Trump’s “irresponsible” behavior by maintaining classified material inside a locked and secured room at Trump’s Mar a Lago estate.

The other question that I have is did Joe Biden just decide to take this classified material with him when he vacated his White House office upon the election of Donald Trump as President in 2016? Certainly that would be a violation of applicable government regulations, rules, and statutes. If he didn’t, then who did? How did those documents end up at both of the locations they’ve been found, and who transported them there? What this shows is just another example of the cavalier approach to national security that appears to be endemic within the Democrat Party.


Barack Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in violation of countless federal regulations and statutes set up a private, unsecured, unencrypted e-mail server to use to send and receive official government and private communications during her tenure at the State Department. All of which were undoubtedly being intercepted and read by our enemies.

The Russians, Chinese, and very likely other adversaries’ intelligence services were probably ecstatic over their good fortune to have access to Hillary’s private conversations with a variety of U.S., and possibly officials from foreign countries.  Knowing the private thinking and conversations between world leaders would be invaluable.

Unfortunately we may never learn exactly what was discussed since she deleted over thirty thousand of those e-mails.  But rest assured our enemies have copies of all of them!

Once again we have another example of Democrats simply doing whatever they want, however they want to do it, with little regard to how much they may place our national security at risk by potentially compromising highly sensitive and classified information.  “Rules for thee but not for me”.

Hillary’s private server was reportedly kept inside a bathroom at her residence, at least a higher level of security since I can’t think of anyone who would be interested in setting foot in there.  The least that Joe Biden could have done would have been to lock his classified documents inside the glove box of his prized Corvette.


Then again maybe not such a good idea, we’ve seen Biden ride a bike.  If his driving is even remotely like his bike riding, having a glove box full of classified documents would have placed them at risk of compromise if he had a fender bender and had to be towed to a repair shop.

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