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Candlelight Vigils, Makeshift Shrines and Bad Guys

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Once again America has fallen victim to violent attacks committed against innocent people, first in Las Vegas, then on the streets of New York, and most recently in a small Texas church. And once again politicians and civic leaders call for “prayers” in support of the victims of a mass killing, while citizens place bouquets of flowers, sympathy cards, and little Teddy Bears at the site of the attacks. 


As expected of our elected officials, politicians in Washington will wring their hands, pontificate, and then accomplish nothing in the way of protecting the American people. Talking heads and other “experts” will appear on television news programs about things that can be done that will supposedly prevent future attacks. And always followed by a call for more gun control by the Democrats and the anti-gun activists.

And the terrorists and other evil people will still plan attacks, and will likely succeed yet again in wreaking havoc on the streets of America and elsewhere around the world at a time and place of their choosing, with few if any obstacles hindering their evil plans.

While there is no single solution to the problem of gun violence in America, there are some things that are well within our power to do that will at least have some impact on whether or not we continue to see candlelight vigils and makeshift shrines popping up on our streets.

In the case of Islamic terrorism, first and foremost America needs to go back on the offensive in the War on Terror. Anywhere and everywhere that the evidence of terrorist planning and activities takes us we must go and root them out, hunt them down, and kill them. Any pretense of civility must be discarded; we use the same tactics as the ones that are being used against us. In other words, show no mercy nor hesitation in exacting justice.

From recent developments in the Arab world, it would seem that we may indeed be turning the corner in this battle against Islamic extremism. We need to encourage this to continue and use to our advantage the strength and leadership that has returned to America since the departure of Barack Obama and his weak and apologist regime.


With the gun violence that we experience all too often we can either listen to the voices crying out for more gun laws and bans of certain types of weapons, which will likely not prevent one single death beyond those that are already prevented by the existing laws on the books, or we can take reasonable steps to help America better protect itself and respond when gun violence breaks out.

One positive thing the government can do that can have an immediate impact is to finally enact national right to carry a concealed weapon by qualified citizens. Though you rarely hear about it in the anti-gun news media since it doesn’t fit the narrative they wish to promote, there are instances regularly throughout the country where a “good guy with a gun” stops a serious crime from happening, or at the least lessens the impact.

There are millions of Americans who have served the nation with honor in the Armed Forces, who are trained and comfortable in the use of a weapon, and who are a ready-made “force multiplier’ for the police who can’t be everywhere. They certainly could qualify and add to the number of “good guys” out there who are legally carrying a concealed weapon and can step in during an emergency situation.

Other citizens who already possess a valid concealed carry permit in one state should also be recognized in all states and jurisdictions. There’s an old saying about why one should carry a gun – “Because a cop is too heavy and won’t fit in your pocket.”


The National Rifle Association of America, always a convenient punching bag for liberals, Democrats, and the anti-gun crowd has long supported such legislation. And I agree that it’s long past due.

Americans around the country have been carrying concealed weapons legally in many states for many years, with the incidence of abuse or illegal or poor conduct nearly nonexistent. Responsible gun owners are simply that, responsible gun owners. And they have been ready and willing to step in when appropriate numerous times.

It’s long past time for our politicians to get out of the way and let the American people protect themselves. And a national right to carry a concealed weapon would be a step in the right direction.

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