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On the morning of March 6, 1836 as his troops prepared for an early morning assault against the fortifications defended by roughly 250 “Texians” under the command of Colonel William Travis, Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana ordered the playing of a mournful tune, the El Deguello.  Loosely translated it means “throat cutting,” but more figuratively it translates to “no quarter.”  Meaning that no mercy would be given, and no prisoners taken.

As history has shown the Mexican general was true to his word, with no mercy being given to the men who fought to defend the small Spanish mission known as the Alamo located in San Antonio de Bexar.

The Texians were slaughtered with no known survivors among those who defended the Alamo.  As a final insult Santa Ana ordered that their remains not even be given a Christian burial, but had a pyre constructed and unceremoniously tossed the Alamo defenders bodies atop it, where they burned and smoldered for more than a day.

Certainly President Donald Trump might be feeling a little like the Alamo defenders right about now, considering the onslaught of investigations, attacks against him from every direction including his own party, attacks on his family, and media sensationalism taking place since he surprised the world and defeated his Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton in November 2016.

Considering the near siege he has been facing from every direction, if I can be so bold as to offer my suggestion to President Trump, I would counsel him that he too order the playing of the El Deguello for his enemies.  Letting them know that the battle is joined, and no quarter will be given, and no prisoners will be taken.

The so-called ‘loyal opposition’, the Democrats offer a target rich environment for the president to go on the offensive.  Hillary Clinton and her senior aides might have dodged a bullet and escaped prosecution by the ‘phony Comey’ investigation, but the crimes they committed via Hillary’s private e-mail server are a matter of record and cannot be denied.

Acts that if committed by any other American would have resulted in prosecution and a lengthy term in a federal penitentiary.  And I’m betting there’s much more criminality waiting to be uncovered.  And the investigations into the corruption surrounding the Clinton Foundation and ‘Loretta-Gate’, the infamous Phoenix airport tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch have hardly begun!

And now that former FBI Director James Comey is gone and a new director has been sworn in who will have the freedom to conduct legitimate investigations, there’s a real possibility that for the first time in modern history a former presidential candidate, and a former president could all be seen doing a perp walk together on the evening news.

And how about Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz ?  My oh my, does Little Debbie have her hands full trying to explain away her ‘Pakistan Connection’.  It was bad enough that Little Debbie did everything she could to help “Crooked Hillary” receive the Democrat Party’s nomination to run for president, which ultimately cost Little Debbie the party leadership role she once held, but the current Pakistani situation may ultimately cost her even more.  I hear tailors at the Fort Leavenworth Federal Correction facility are already taking measurements for an orange jumpsuit.

And one need look no further than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi if looking for comic relief.  Ms. Pelosi is either the densest politician to ever hold high public office – next to Hillary Clinton, or she is the most insulting.  First she tells us that we have to let her “pass the bill so that they can find out what is in it”, and then once that happens and it turns into a nightmare for Americans she insults our intelligence by blaming it all on the Republicans.

To add even more insult, when it was pointed out to her that employers were adjusting their employees’ work hours so that employers can avoid the ObamaCare costs forced on them, Pelosi told us that this was a good thing, “it will allow people more time to pursue their hobbies”.As if the father of a family of five can afford any hobbies after paying the ever increasing premiums for health insurance coverage as a result of the Democrats’ ‘golden calf’, Obamacare.

There are certainly no lack of targets for the president among his own party.  Aside from their seeming inability to do anything constructive for the American people, Republicans seem to have a short memory completely forgetting campaign promises they made to voters for seven plus years.  A ‘house-cleaning’ definitely is in order, and with primaries coming up next year it’s the perfect opportunity for Republican voters to enforce their own version of “term limits.”

No Mr. President, it’s long past time to try to work with the career politicians serving in Washington, D.C.It’s time to go on the offensive and show them ‘no quarter,’ and to take no prisoners.

Americans are ticked off.  And we’ve now started playing our own version of the El Deguello as a warning to the incumbents in both major parties.   


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