Macadamia and Academia, They’re Both Nuts

Posted: Sep 26, 2017 12:01 AM
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Both are dangerous, and while a Macadamia may pose a threat to the health of those people who experience severe allergic reactions to what is classified as a fruit encased in an inedible hard shell, the other, Academia, more and more poses an extreme threat to the health of our entire nation.

Consider this, for decades now Academia has been made up of people who for the most part have never worked or experienced life outside of the academic environment. They eat, sleep, work, and breathe in a university atmosphere devoid of any real day to day contact with everyday Americans.

Oh they’ll sign for packages and envelopes from the delivery driver received at the Dean’s office. And they’ll frequent restaurants where the servers will take their orders, or take their car to an auto mechanic for repairs. But the influence that they have been subjected to for their entire career can be described in one word – Socialism. Far outside the mainstream of everyday life for most working Americans.

Socialism, an idea that on a term paper looks much better than what it has ever been in reality. But again, the Academicians have never experienced reality, all they really understand is theory and what’s been written on paper in compositions and book reports. They simply can’t relate to the auto mechanic, the waiter, or the deliveryman.

One really need look no further for an explanation to the ongoing unrest occurring in this country than to the halls of Academia. The colleges and universities where leftists and extreme progressive liberal faculty members and administrators have been infecting the minds of our young and impressionable youths for decades. Supposed institutions of higher learning that have become nothing more than institutions of indoctrination.

While mumsy and daddy are paying tens of thousands of dollars each year for their baby to attend the University of California at Berkley and other so-called elite universities in order for their child to supposedly receive a quality and well-rounded education, the fact is that the indoctrination they are subjected to is far from “well-rounded”. Anyone at those institutions who offers a viewpoint different from the socialist anti-American dogma being taught in their classrooms is shouted down and excluded. So much for a ‘well-rounded education’.

As a consequence of the indoctrination they are being subjected to, instead of listening to diverse opinions and debating in the classroom, their children are out destroying property and burning the flag of the nation that has given them the very opportunity to receive an advanced education. And physically assaulting those who disagree with them, which includes anyone who doesn’t kowtow to the socialist/communist philosophy being taught. Rioting and setting fires all the while wearing ‘Che Guevara’ t-shirts, and waving replica flags of the former communist Soviet Union.

Those academic indoctrination centers also fuel the fires of civil unrest as they continue to promote among other lies and revisionist history the false narrative of police oppression against minorities in this country, when the statistics clearly show this to be provably false.

Out of literally millions of police-citizen contacts each year only a miniscule number result in the use of deadly force by police officers. Including contacts between white police officers and black citizens. Statistically blacks are even a lower percentage of those killed by police than are white people. Yet to hear what’s being taught in these institutions is that American police have put a bounty on poor, innocent black men.

Now former college indoctrinated athletes in professional sports have begun to disrespect the country that in many cases has enriched them far beyond what most Americans could ever dream of, and all based on the false narrative of police oppression that’s being promoted.

America is not perfect and continues to be a work in progress. But failing to show respect for the ideals that this nation stands for, and recognizing the ultimate sacrifice made by many Americans defending the right of others to peacefully assemble as guaranteed by the United States Constitution is just wrong.

So indeed while certain types of nut allergies can be very serious for many Americans, what’s been taught on college campuses now for decades is far more dangerous and has caused much more destruction to this country.