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Democrats and Cow Flatulence

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Back in 2016 California Governor Jerry Brown enacted a curious piece of legislation directed at California’s dairy farmers. The legislation was known as California Senate Bill 1383. Basically it was intended to try to achieve a reduction in methane gasses resulting from the California bovine population, as part of the ongoing ‘global warming’ agenda of the left. In Governor Moonbeam’s estimation the future of our world depended on reducing how much a cow passes gas on any given day.

The opportunity for “insert joke here” is obvious, but I’ll stay away from taking such a cheap shot at the California governor. Considering everything else going on in California and it’s penchant for doing the bizarre, he has enough problems in his state without it becoming the butt – no pun intended – of even more jokes than it already is.

The California Democrat’s actions certainly are in line with that of the Democrat Party as a whole who have been pushing the ‘climate change’ agenda for quite some time now. And pursuing that agenda without ever admitting the fact that the climate of our planet has been changing constantly throughout the Earth’s history. And it will continue to do so for long after humankind has been replaced in the food chain by another more intelligent species.

‘Climate change’, A.K.A. ‘Global Warming’ has been a cause ce’le’bre of the left for decades, but it gained steam – oh no, heaven forbid !!! – under the Obama Administration when Barack Obama apparently was convinced by former Vice President Al Gore that the end of the world was nigh. And that he alone was capable of saving us from ourselves by enacting draconian environmental measures to save the planet. Remember “Green Energy” and all those jobs created by it ? Neither do I.

Obviously most clear-thinking individuals have seen through the Obama Administration smokescreen – oh no, not smoke – and they understand that climate change itself is naturally occurring, and that man’s contribution to it has been minimal. And fortunately a very large number of the objective thinkers in the scientific community agree with that assessment.

Now before anyone accuses me of being in denial that humans have had an impact of our planet, I’m not saying that at all. Certainly man has polluted our environment in many ways, as has man harvested much of our planet’s natural resources. Sometimes using methods that forever scar the face of our planet.

But the Democrats continuing to pound the ‘Climate change’ drum is becoming rather tiresome. It’s time for them to stipulate that climate change is going to happen no matter what mankind does. It simply is a fact of nature.

If Democrats want to do something to help the environment I’m all for that. There are plenty of polluted areas that need to be cleaned up, streams, mountains and forests that can be reclaimed. Inner cities that have become combat zones with abandoned structures invoking images not unlike what we see on the evening news in some far off land ravaged by eternal conflict and war.

And right now there are a great many volunteers out there who work diligently and who will continue to do so to help preserve our world. Their efforts – within reason - are certainly noble and laudable and should be supported, again within reason.

The problem with the Democratic Party and their climate change agenda is that they don’t understand that when they discourage development and businesses through taxes and stifling environmental regulations and legislation, they also restrict the creation of jobs. Jobs which result in more tax dollars, more of which could be put towards cleaning up our environment.

But instead we have Democrats like California Governor Jerry Brown creating new regulations and legislation to restrict cow farts. Certainly of major concern to most Californians and the rest of America – insert guffaws here.

But sadly that’s how Democrats govern when they are given the chance. They make ‘knee-jerk’ decisions based on often-times contradictory and unsubstantiated information. But it just sounds good! To Democrats that’s all that matters. If it’s ‘warm and fuzzy’, they’ll run with it.

The truth be told, the biggest contributor to global warming has nothing to do with bovine flatulence. It has to do with all the hot air coming from the Democrats in Washington, D.C. Cow farts though similar in nature to Democrat speeches comes in a far distant second.

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