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Contrary to all the doom and gloom being spewed out by the Democrats and their allies in the mostly corrupt American news media, the Trump administration isn’t in disarray, nor is it already sinking in a sea of scandal in only its first month.


As with any new administration there will be ‘hiccups’ experienced as it starts to put its people and policies in place. Particularly with this new Trump administration which has hit the ground running, trying to fulfill the campaign promises made to the American people that brought it into office, who are hoping for a sea of change in Washington, D.C.

The resistance from the politicians and government bureaucrats who are vested in the status quo has been intense. After all, President Trump threatens their continued hold on government power, and consequently the control they have held for decades over the American people.

By this time, just one month into the previous administration Barack Obama had already gotten in a couple of dozen rounds of golf. Not President Trump, he has been more interested in bringing jobs back to the United States. And in convincing corporations that their future is better served by keeping their businesses here in America, and keeping Americans employed building their products.

A different pace has been established by this administration from all the previous ones, and many of the career politicians and bureaucrats are having trouble keeping up. They aren’t used to actually rolling up their sleeves and getting things done for the American people. Their heads are simply spinning, unable to keep pace with the sea of change that President Trump is bringing to Washington.


While the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is a minor distraction for the administration, and it certainly offers fodder for the president’s enemies, that is all that it is, a minor distraction.

The president has already shown that he intends to go full speed ahead with fixing the nation’s problems, as he should. And to not allow these distractions to divert him from his goal of making America great again.

The president’s political enemies and their news media sycophants best beware, President Trump is a different kind of leader. In fact he truly is a leader, something that has been sorely lacking in this country for many years.

President Trump is used to getting things done, not just adding to the hot air that usually emanates from the nation’s capital. Nor is he interested in standing before TV cameras and pontificating to an adoring news media, as did the previous administration.

This president is more interested in sitting down at a table with other key leaders from the business world discussing and working on rebuilding America’s economic machine, as well as meeting with other world leaders in order to rebuild the relationships that were ignored during the past eight years.


Certainly some of the early problems experienced by this administration are the result of ‘self-inflicted wounds’. The president would do well to ignore most of the attacks that are directed at him from many different directions. He needs to remain focused on what he’s trying to do and not allow himself to be baited into responding to the insults and smears being thrown his direction.

And while attacks against his family are despicable and hard to turn a blind eye to, the president must resist the urge to strike back. As unfair and disgusting as these attacks might be they unfortunately come with the territory of being the leader of the free world. And from what I’ve seen of his family they are more than capable of defending themselves.

The president also needs to dismiss those attacks coming from the entertainment industry, which are basically insignificant and inconsequential anyway. The average American doesn’t really give a hoot what they might have to say. For the most part they are so far removed from ‘Main Street America’ that they simply don’t relate.

The mostly corrupt American news media’s attacks are to be expected since the news media has never been part of the solution for America’s problems, only interested in protecting their own political agendas. They too should be ignored.


President Trump’s advisors need to continue to focus his energies on what he’s trying to accomplish for the American people, and also not allow themselves to be distracted from what the goals are that were established by then candidate Donald Trump over a year ago.

A minor course correction might be necessary now and then over the next eight years, but this ‘ship of state’ is far from floundering. The skipper is solidly at the helm, and the crew needs to ‘man the battle-stations’ for the next challenges that are sure to come their way.

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