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Obama’s New Year’s Gun Grab

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Although he has never taken his eye off of his ultimate goal of disarming the American people in order to further his “fundamental transformation” of the United States into the socialist/communist utopia that he envisions, Barack Obama is preparing to announce a series of ‘executive actions’ on gun control early in the new year to help facilitate him reaching his goal.


Based on the information emanating from the White House, none of the executive actions Obama will be ordering will have any effect whatsoever on reducing gun violence. Gun violence, which, by the way, primarily occurs in America’s predominantly Democrat Party-controlled major cities.

Nor would the president’s executive actions have prevented any of the tragic multiple shootings that have occurred during his presidency. They simply are nothing more than ‘feel good’ acts on the part of this president so that he can claim to have “done something” to curb gun violence in America at the expense once again of further attacking the Second Amendment rights of America’s law abiding, responsible gun owners.

This president and his party have made no secret of their ultimate goal of creating a ‘gun free America’, and disarming the citizenry in order to take and maintain complete control over the American people. For Democrats it’s not about gun violence at all, it’s all about restricting the freedoms that Americans cherish.

And as long as Americans have the Second Amendment as a safeguard between totalitarianism and freedom, the so-called Progressive Democrats cannot implement their plans for controlling every aspect of American’s lives. Thankfully our founding fathers envisioned this very threat over two hundred years ago and had the wisdom to give us the Second Amendment in our United States Constitution.


Consider just recently in New York City and in Los Angeles, cities led by Democrat mayors, laws have been enacted which in New York City restricts the First Amendment guarantee of Freedom of Speech by imposing severe fines for improper gender identification. And in Los Angeles illegal aliens will now be able to commit city government-sanctioned voter fraud, clearly an attempt to guarantee Democrat control of the Los Angeles city government for years to come.

Both New York and California also impose very strict gun laws, if not the nation’s strictest then at least among the most strict gun control laws in the country. Which in the case of California did nothing to prevent the recent San Bernardino terrorist attack that killed and wounded many innocent Americans.

In Democrat-controlled Chicago, which also has among the nation’s toughest gun control laws on the books, gun violence is rampant with a murder rate topping five hundred for 2015. And with a corrupt mayor handcuffing the police instead of the gang-bangers, 2016 could well exceed the current high murder rate.

It seems that Democrats, including their standard bearer Obama view guns as the cause of America’s woes, when the reality is that it’s because of the failed Democrat policies that have turned once vibrant cities like Detroit and St. Louis into war zones.


And Democrats are intent on doing whatever they can to take away the rights of Americans to protect themselves against the current surge in crime, which by the way had been on a downward track prior to Obama moving into the White House.

With crime statistics showing that far more white people are victims of crimes committed by black criminals than the other way around, it seems that for some reason Barack Obama and his Democrat allies want to make it harder for innocent citizens to defend themselves against the thugs that populate America’s cities. In Obama’s racist mind far too many black thugs are being shot by innocent white victims who are guilty only of defending themselves.

Clearly, at least one would hope anyway that the Republicans in Washington will stand up to this president and his party’s newest gun grab coming early in the new year, as Barack Obama has promised us he would do.

Obama has promised to make gun control a focal point of his last year in office. In his own words he said he planned to “squeeze as much change as he can” during his final year as president. Republicans must stand firm and prevent Barack Obama from further eroding the one amendment to our Constitution that guarantees all the rest of the freedoms we enjoy.


And continuing his effort to “fundamentally transform” the greatest nation on the face of the earth into his ideal of a socialist state, where a disarmed people can no longer oppose a return to the oppressive government control that we resoundingly discarded back in 1776.

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