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Smartest Woman in the World?

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For many years now we’ve been told by the Democrat Party and its allies in the so-called mainstream news media that Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world. The most competent and qualified to be President of the United States. Far and above any of her competitors for the highest office in the land.

Democrats like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Barbara Boxer and many others promote this narrative, and leap to Hillary’s defense whenever her character is attacked or her record of dishonesty is pointed out. Yet they can provide no examples of Hillary’s accomplishments other than generalizations about her being a “champion for women’s rights and children.”

A rather curious argument considering Hillary’s long history of looking the other way and ignoring her husband’s philandering and sexual abuse of countless women over the years. Not to mention her leading the attack against any woman who dared make public Bill Clinton’s sexual advances. Referring to the many victims of her husband as “bimbo eruptions.” Somehow that doesn’t really sound like someone who is a champion for women.

And calling herself a “champion for the middle class” is simply Hillary’s version of every other politician running for office who tells us they’re “for more jobs and a strong defense,” without ever providing specifics on how they intend to achieve those goals. If it were a radio advertisement with the candidate not identified, no one would be able to tell them apart. Just as Hillary’s claims carry no weight unless they’re backed up with specific details of how she’s going to champion women’s rights and look out for children.

As with Barack Obama, Hillary’s true believers purposefully overlook her obvious character flaws, her history of lies and deceit, and her willingness to throw others, including other women victimized by her husband under the bus in order to protect her own ambitions. Hillary Clinton and her defenders are examples of what is absolutely the worst in American politics.

For decades now the American people have had the Clintons forced upon us whether we wanted them or not. To quote former President Ronald Reagan when he was talking about the former Soviet Union and communism, the Clintons too should have been dumped upon “the ash heap of history,” just like the Soviets. Were it not for H. Ross Perot both Clintons would be little more than a footnote in American political history, much like former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis or Al Gore.

Certainly the American news media knows the truth about the Clintons, they can’t be blind about the past 20-plus years. Yet they are willing to look the other way because the Clintons support a liberal agenda that most of the people working in the news media also believe in. They help cover up for the Clintons while going out of their way to expose Republican candidates whose failures and foibles don’t even come close to what the Clintons have done over the years.

Former Vice President Dan Quayle misspells ‘potato’ and he’s committed a Cardinal Sin. Bill Clinton apparently can’t spell ‘fidelity’ yet he gets a pass. Dan Quayle encourages and promotes the importance of a two-parent household, and Hollywood and the media go into full attack mode.

Interestingly former Vice President Quayle said nothing that hasn’t been repeated by many others since then, that much of the problems associated with poverty in America can be traced right back to illegitimacy and a breakdown of a strong family structure in America.

Yet Hillary, the proclaimed smartest woman in the world, apparently felt that violating the National Archives and Records Act and risking the exposure of American diplomatic, defense, and intelligence related secrets by maintaining them on an unsecured and unencrypted private email server was quite alright. Smart move.

Hillary’s unbridled ambition is what drives her and her allies not any sense of integrity, or character, or a desire to do something to repay her country for all the millions she has made over the past decade.

After all, it’s all about Hillary. As it has been since her days with the Watergate investigation. You know, the one she got fired from for being dishonest and for unethical behavior.

Is there a pattern here? Character questions way back then, and again while her husband was governor of Arkansas and during her tenure with the Rose Law Firm, and as First Lady when it seemed a scandal a week broke, all of them with Hillary right there up to her eyeballs. And most recently during her tenure as secretary of state with the Benghazi tragedy and now her email server.

Yes, there seems to be a definite pattern and not one that indicates a great deal of smarts. Just an indication of a great deal of dishonesty and blind ambition.

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