The ‘War on Women’ 2.0

Posted: Apr 28, 2015 12:01 AM

As the 2016 presidential contest gathers steam one can already find Hillary Clinton out front and center claiming ownership of ‘womanhood’ as her own personal campaign issue. The former secretary of state and her sycophants will be hitting the campaign trail appearing at a variety of venues carefully choreographed to project that theme.

Surrounded by women young and old, Hillary will pound the theme that women are being unfairly treated in the corporate board rooms, the military, and around the world by men who have shut the door on the full and equal integration of women into the workplace.

Her political opponents and the news media outlets that are not firmly in Hillary’s camp will be attacked mercilessly as being against women’s rights, continuing the Democrat theme of a “war being waged against women” by Neanderthal Republican politicians determined to stop the “champion” of women from becoming President of the United States.

The guerilla war on truth has already started with Hillary-ites racing out to counter charges against the Clintons made in Peter Schweizer’s new book, ‘Clinton Cash’. The old “right wing conspiracy” charges have been dusted off and are being tossed about by Hillary herself and her defenders in response to the information that’s apparently very unflattering to the Clintons, which reportedly is contained in Schweizer’s yet-to-be-released book.

It probably won’t be long before we hear James Carville spout off that “you can drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park” once again, a preemptive strike to deride any new revelations about Bill Clinton’s long rumored post-White House sexual escapades that might begin to surface, possibly threatening Hillary Clinton’s own White House aspirations.

Hillary’s obsessive goal of winning the presidency for herself was knocked off track in 2008 by Barack Obama, and her plans had to be placed on hold. So Hillary diligently attempted to burnish her resume as secretary of state to go along with her career as a United States Senator, waiting patiently for her turn to come once again.

Neither of the positions she held were noted for any real accomplishments by the way, which might well be a foreboding for what to expect under a Hillary Clinton administration.

One must remember that Hillary’s quest for the White House has nothing at all to do with her desire to serve the American people. Her quest is all about her own ego gratification and unbridled personal ambition. There’s probably just a little bit of revenge thrown in for good measure.

Yes revenge. Her election would fulfill her obsession with getting even with all the men over the years that she has had to play second fiddle to, including her own husband. Hillary is partly about finally getting the satisfaction that she believes she’s entitled to after a lifetime of being humiliated and putting up with Bill’s philandering.

And also holding accountable all the other men who helped him in his ongoing search for sexual conquests, and who helped him try to cover it up and hide it from Hillary.

Unlike truly successful women who achieved their success based on actual accomplishments, as opposed to a feeling of entitlement that is Hillary’s only qualification, American success stories like Carly Fiorina and many others gained their success through the hard work and talents that they brought to whatever challenge they faced.

They are the true “champions” that American women should look to as examples, and who women should listen to for guidance on how to achieve great success in whatever endeavor they may choose to pursue.

The Democrats’ “war on women” has been concocted to help Hillary Clinton achieve the White House not as a consequence of her abilities or talents, but basically because they don’t believe she has a record good enough to stand on, or to achieve her goal on merit. And it’s an insult to American women who have achieved great things based on their hard work and abilities.

The phony Democrat “war on women” is nothing more than their response to the fact that their party has nothing else to run on. They don’t offer opportunity and hope for American women, only excuses.

No Hillary, this election won’t be about your gender at all. It’s all about your character.