The Party of Lies

Posted: Apr 07, 2015 12:01 AM

Apparently according to retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, spreading lies and complete fabrications about a political opponent is no big deal. The recent mention of it during an interview merits nothing more in response than a smug little smile on the face of the Nevada Democrat, and his flippant comment “Well, Romney didn’t win did he”.

For Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most corrupt American politician over the last two centuries of American history, rivaled only by her husband former President Bill Clinton, her using a private e-mail account was merely for convenience sake. And certainly not because she was trying to avoid scrutiny and accountability for her time as secretary of state.

Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi looked reporters in the eye and lied about receiving briefings from the CIA about enhanced interrogation techniques during her time as speaker of the house, though the record clearly reflects that she was briefed on this subject multiple times. A lie was more convenient for Pelosi than the truth.

And then there’s Barack Obama who stood before the American people and repeatedly told them they could keep their doctor, they could keep their insurance plan, and that he lacked the authority to offer executive amnesty to illegal aliens residing in the United States.

It seems that the Party of Jefferson has become the ‘Party of Lies’, determined to win or retain political power at all costs no matter what, including lying to the American people as they deem appropriate.

The time for ‘pitchforks and torches’ has truly come, holding dishonest politicians regardless of party accountable for their public pronouncements. No longer should lies and deceit just be written off as “politics as usual”.

Far from being the leading candidate to be the next commander in chief of the United States military, Hillary Clinton should instead be getting fitted for a different uniform, one supplied by the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons. It was more convenient for her to destroy potential evidence of poor policy decisions or leadership during her time in the Obama Administration

For blatantly and repeatedly lying to the American people for political gain Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should forfeit their government pensions, simple as that. No benefit should be derived from a career of lying and misinformation perpetrated against the American people.

For failing to abide by the rules that other government employees must abide by, Hillary Clinton should be barred from further public office, simple as that.

For repeated lies Barack Obama should be held accountable as well. His lies and abuses of office certainly don’t merit a ‘presidential library ! Simple as that.

Once politicians understand that there will be consequences for lying to the American people for political gain, and that they will be held accountable by the American people, the sooner all politicians will finally begin to truly serve their constituents.

Americans deserve better than what we’ve gotten from the political ruling class in this country.