Feminist Desperation

Posted: Mar 09, 2015 12:01 AM

The leftist feminist movement in this country has been desperate now for decades to try to finally get a woman into the office of President of the United States.Long ago they hitched their wagon to Hillary Clinton, thinking that she would be the one who would eventually achieve this goal.

Though the only thing they achieved by placing all their bets on Hillary was to completely overlook other potential candidates who were at least as qualified if not much more qualified, and who did not come with the personal baggage and other shortcomings that Hillary has.

Take for instance the very fact that Hillary stood by and allowed herself to be repeatedly humiliated by her philandering husband throughout their entire sham marriage.Hillary’s willingness to accept Bill’s sexual perversions and sexual assaults against other defenseless women should have made her uniquely UNQUALIFIED to serve as a standard bearer for the feminist movement in the U.S.

Her character flaws and lack of judgment exhibited throughout her private and public life continue to crop up and raise questions about her integrity and honesty, much less about her judgment to make sound decisions.

In the case of Benghazi it’s obvious that she flubbed that “three o’clock in the morning phone call” she bragged about during her campaign against Barack Obama, claiming then that her “experience” made her much more prepared to handle such a call.

Beaming with pride she famously hit a “re-set button’ with Vladimir Putin’s resurgent Russia only to have Putin almost immediately start to take advantage of Hillary and her boss Barack Obama’s naiveté.Her four year tenure as secretary of state was without a single notable accomplishment, other than racking up a lot of frequent flier miles.

Other potential women candidates have been fairly well intimidated into not even pursuing the office of president for the Democrat Party, which by the way is the only party that a female contemplating running for president can belong to since any other females who might run under a Republican banner don’t truly represent women in America, as far as the leftist feminists are concerned.

Since Hillary has already been pre-ordained as the only woman candidate acceptable to feminists, any other woman who dared contemplate going up against Hillary could find themselves banished from ‘womanhood’ by those feminists so desperate to elect Hillary.

For a couple of decades now Hillary Clinton has been proclaimed as ‘the smartest woman in the world’, when in reality considering her repeated lack of judgment over the years, one would seriously question whether she’s smart at all.

How can one person continue to make dumb decisions over and over and over again, and still be considered the smartest person to represent one’s group is beyond me. That’s rather insulting to others from that group who seem much smarter than Hillary, and who certainly haven’t made all the boneheaded decisions Hillary has over the years.

It would seem to me that Hillary’s questionable character as exhibited repeatedly throughout her professional life, as well as the unsavory people she surrounds herself with, and not to mention the predatory sexual history of her so-called husband, makes her one of the most unacceptable people ever to be considered for the office of the president.Unless one is a leftist feminist or member of the Democrat Party.

But since feminists are so desperate to get a woman elected president that they are willing to overlook Hillary’s character flaws, lack of judgment, lack of achieving anything notable, and her failure to her own sex as she stood by over the years and allowed her husband Bill to prey on other women, she will most likely be their standard bearer in 2016.

That Hillary is the best the feminist movement can come up with is what is truly insulting to American women.