Dangerous Times for a Dangerous President

Posted: Jan 26, 2015 12:01 AM

As Iran moves closer to developing nuclear weapons along with a missile system capable of reaching Israel and perhaps one day the United States, and expands its reach onto the Arabian Peninsula taking control of the American ally Yemen, the Islamic terrorist group ISIS continues to attack and commit atrocities in Northern Iraq and Syria, Barack Obama sits there wringing his hands seemingly incapable of focusing on anything but his social agenda for the United States.

According to Barack Obama during his State of the Union address, everything will be hunkey dorey in the USA if we just close GITMO.He was under the same ego-driven delusion when he embarked on his ‘apology tour’ early in his first term.

He truly believed that those people who hate us will stop hating us based solely on the power of Barack Obama’s personality and ‘presence’.While some gullible American voters may faint during an Obama speech those in the volatile Middle East aren’t so easily swayed.

It's time for leadership not lies and campaign speeches. Yes we live in a very dangerous world requiring strong leadership from our president. All that we have seen so far has been campaign slogans and veto threats.

When Barack Obama first took office I was willing to give him a chance. Considering the difficult circumstances we found our economy in as well as the other challenges we faced it was important for us as a nation to stand together and work towards the common good.

But Barack Obama chose to surround himself with a group of extreme left-wing Czars and advisors, none of whom would have passed a vetting process for a government security clearance due to a history of drug use, criminal records, a hedonistic past, and outright anti-American beliefs.Along with his ardent leftist followers he set out to “fundamentally transform” the United States.

While some single issue voters are pleased with some of his policies such as allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military and giving women the chance to try to serve in front line combat units (a decision that so far has been a dismal failure), more and more Americans have begun to realize that Barack Obama is long on talk and short on substance.The glow is much diminished on this media rock star.

But not in Barack Obama’s mind,he just plods along as he did during his recent SOTU address promising more free stuff with no way to pay for it other than again taxing the ‘evil, unfair rich’.And throwing a petulant little hissy fit reminding Republicans that he won two elections.(Our allies around the world are still scratching their heads over that one, wondering what in the hell Americans were thinking !)

So as the world crashes down around us presenting serious challenges to our national interests and security, Barack Obama appears inept and incapable of making a decision on what to do, so he diverts his attention back to the only thing he knows how to do - political campaigning.

By threatening to veto the Keystone pipeline he makes another single-issue-voting-bloc very happy, while preventing the creation of thousands of good paying jobs to hard working Americans.

Giving Americans two free years of community college, and a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage so those same community college graduates can make more money in the fast food industry just makes more sense to him than upholding his oath of office to “protect and defend the United States of America”.