“I Have a Pen,…..and a Bad Attitude”

Posted: Jan 17, 2015 12:01 AM

Elections have consequences, and we won! But to hear Barack Obama it would appear that he is in complete denial about the country’s rejection of his policies and presidency back in November of 2014. Or could it be that he just doesn’t care what the American people want ?

Right after the election the president made it clear that he was more swayed by the “two thirds of Americans who didn’t vote”, than he was by those Americans who voted overwhelmingly against his party. A resounding defeat which was a strong statement against the direction Barack Obama and the progressive Democratic Party have been trying to take this country during the past six years.

With the Republicans taking control of both houses of the legislature the hope was that the gridlock that has plagued Congress for the last several years, choreographed by the Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, would come to an end and important legislation would finally be signed into law.

The president has made no secret of his intentions to veto any legislation that he doesn’t personally like sent to him by the Republican-controlled Congress and Senate. A rather arrogant stance by any measure.

Now we hear that in a private meeting Barack Obama has told Democrat party leaders that he intends to “go on the offensive” in dealing with the Republican legislature. Mr. President, you and your policies have been offensive for far too long !

Reminiscent of a small boy who gets angry on the playground because he didn’t get his way, the president is throwing a political tantrum and threatening Republicans that he will storm off the playground taking his ball with him.

Is this what a majority of the American people elected twice to serve as the leader of our nation ? Someone who has an understanding of the art of compromise, the political give and take practiced so well by Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill, or just a spoiled brat who stamps his feet and demands he get his way.

Most Americans were hopeful following the last election that with the exit of Harry Reid responsible individuals were taking control of government, and would work towards passing legislation to help the American people. Now it looks like the next two years promise to be more of the same that we’ve had for the past six years, a country ground to a halt, its’ citizens frustrated and angry at our government’s seeming inability to do anything productive.

A country led by a president who cares little about what the citizens of America want, and who is intent on continuing to pursue his “fundamental transformation” of the United States into something unrecognizable to Americans, or to most of our allies around the world.

Much like that little boy who gets angry on the playground and throws a tantrum, it is long past time for Barack Obama, his ink pen, and his bad attitude to be placed in ‘time out’.