Community College 101

Posted: Jan 16, 2015 12:01 AM
Community College 101

In a feeble effort to try to regain some of his failing momentum for the last two years in office and to court the youth vote for the 2016 elections, President Obama announced a plan to offer two years of education at a community college free to anyone who wanted to attend. Another one of his ambitious ‘pie in the sky’ schemes that there’s no money to pay for and that has no way of passing Congress anyway.

Continuing his Presidential Campaign well into its’ sixth year, the president stumps around the country and offers expensive plans and programs directed at specific potential voting blocs, all presumably financed by the fewer and fewer remaining American taxpayers.

Now he offers a free education there for the taking by any American citizen who wants to avail himself of this offer. The question is how long will it be before this program is also offered to all of the illegal aliens currently living in the United States under the president’s recent amnesty executive order ?

‘Free College’ just like free Obama-Phones is something you can count on the Democrats jumping on the bandwagon and supporting in time for the 2016 campaign to take back the House and Senate. Lacking a vision and leadership, offering ‘Free Stuff’ is the only way Democrats know how to campaign.

With the price of gasoline hitting new lows not seen or enjoyed by Americans for quite a while politicians from both parties are foaming at the mouth, anxious to slap additional federal taxes on Americans just when we’re all finally getting a little breather from the high cost of energy we’ve been paying for the last several years. No Free Ride’ for taxpayers on gas prices !

If you ask the vast majority of Americans whether they want to pay additional taxes on gasoline you’ll get a resounding “NO’ for an answer. Gasoline isn’t something Americans ‘want’ to buy, it’s a necessity of life. It’s certainly not a luxury. People who need gas to drive to work at a job every day don’t get it for free.

Whatever happened to responsible government of the people, by the people, and for the people ? Are our elected officials so out of touch with real Americans and the challenges we face daily just to make ends meet ? It would seem so.

The president has been a great campaigner for the last six years, but has been noticeably lacking as a true leader of not just the United States, but of the entire Western world. He gives wonderful speeches and talks grand designs with no understanding of what it takes to actually ‘govern’. It seems his understanding of what it means to be president begins and ends with giving speeches, making promises, criticizing anyone who disagrees with him, and doing very little else of substance.

Barack Obama’s newest campaign to provide free community college completely misses the mark. In America skilled trades are suffering from a lack of skilled tradesmen and well-paying jobs are going unfilled. Excellent careers that can provide a very good income and future for young Americans who aren’t afraid of a little hard work.

Barack Obama though is enthralled with a college education since the academic world is where he spent most of his life, and he hasn’t a clue about hard work and the trades. It’s unnatural for him to suggest that a young person consider NOT going to college, and to look at opportunities that are offered that don’t require any college degree.

While a two year college degree might open some doors in the fast food industry for many of the new graduates, a licensed Journeyman Welder, Electrician, or plumber that puts forth the effort can earn a decent wage and live comfortably in today’s world.