A Shot Across the Bow?

Posted: Jan 08, 2015 12:01 AM
A Shot Across the Bow?

Facing only some mild opposition within his own party Congressman John Boehner was easily elected to another term as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. But according to some recent polls over sixty percent of Republicans wanted Boehner out of his leadership position, believing the Ohio Republican has been ineffective in fighting against the Obama and Democrat agenda.

Unfortunately as is typical of career politicians, Boehner isn’t really concerned about the desires and wishes of the American people he supposedly represents, as he moved full speed ahead in his bid for reelection to the Speakership.

But what are we to think about the opposition Boehner faced from Republicans Louis Gohmert and Ted Yoho ? Merely a symbolic gesture or is there something more ? Was this the proverbial ‘shot across the bow’ by those disgusted with Boehner’s recent compromises with the Obama Administration ? An attempt to send a strong message to the newly reelected Speaker that he’s been put on notice ?

Many in the so-called ‘Tea Party Wing’ of the Republican Party have been unhappy with Boehner’s leadership of Congress. Particularly with his recent compromises, some would call it a ‘cave in’, to the Obama Administration over funding the government and the president’s plans to give amnesty to illegal aliens. Boehner has come under very sharp criticism by some of his Republican colleagues.

Many Republicans in and out of Congress view Speaker Boehner as being more concerned about looking towards the next election in 2016, than in doing the work the people just recently sent them to do last year in 2014. Staying away from anything bold or potentially controversial and passing merely ‘fluff’ bills to avoid taking the Obama Administration head on.

Governing from a continual campaign mode has been the hallmark of Barack Obama. It’s appeared at times that John Boehner has taken a page from the Obama playbook and instead of making hard choices and ultimately passing important legislation that would benefit the American people, he is content to pass another non-controversial ‘highway bill’. Then slap himself and his allies in Congress on the back congratulating each other, and return to what they do best, pontificating and accomplishing little.

Some argue, in fact many people argue, that it’s a shame that the career politicians we’ve been stuck with from both parties can’t be term-limited out. Sort of a ‘system flush’ one has to do occasionally with a septic tank to get it working more efficiently and doing the job it was intended to do.

Hopefully the shot across Boehner’s bow, showing him that there is strong opposition to his method of ‘leadership’ in Congress, will have some effect on how he moves forward for the next two years. And hopefully Congress will confront the Obama agenda and prevent the president from achieving the “fundamental transformation” he is seeking.

There is an up-side to Boehner’s reelection. We’ll all be spared witnessing a grown man once again cry on national television. I don’t think I could bear it.