High Drama Obama

Posted: Nov 18, 2014 12:01 AM
High Drama Obama

As the Obama Administration continues to melt down in its sixth year, America faces some of the most dangerous times in our modern history.

The administration’s ObamaCare ‘house of cards’ is crumbling and falling down amid lies and deceit repeated over and over again on videotape - all to the chagrin of all the Democrats who supported it, voted for it, and sold it to the public. And the world’s best health care system risks being destroyed by Obama-appointed bureaucrats who haven’t efficiently run as much as a shoeshine stand, much less one sixth of the U.S. economy.

By order of the Obama Administration, our southwest border is now so porous that illegal aliens are crossing undeterred at an alarming rate every day. Once inside the U.S. they are assured of receiving all the services for free that the American working class pays dearly for, especially health care!

In Benghazi four Americans lost their lives while the administration turned its back on them, ignoring their pleas for help. Now three Americans have been brutally beheaded by ISIL and the president’s response is to expresses outrage, while refusing to assert American military leadership and destroy the radical Muslims responsible once and for all.

Disrespected around the world, President Obama attends summit meetings with leaders from other countries who barely conceal their disdain for a president they view as a buffoon, and out of his league on the world stage. Vladimir Putin either ignores Obama or contemptuously smiles at him adding insult to Obama’s already injured ego. Russian society’s open contempt for Obama, most assuredly approved by Putin, is on display in countless editorial cartoons that question Obama’s intellect, as well as his ‘manliness’.

Our nemesis Iran continues to develop a nuclear weapons program with little concern about any consequences, since they view the United States as a weak, uncommitted, and corrupt nation. The weakness exhibited by Obama has only emboldened Iran to press forward with their nuclear ambitions. Meanwhile, considering the obvious antagonism they have experienced from the Obama Administration, our staunchest ally in the troubled Middle East, Israel, has been left wondering what their future holds considering Iran’s publicly stated goal of destroying “the Little Satan”.

Our government agencies are experiencing cyber attacks on a regular basis, threatening to severely impact the nation’s critical infrastructure not to mention our military readiness, while we are listening in on German leader Angela Merkel’s private telephone calls to see if she’s saying anything personal about Obama.

With all the challenges we face in today’s dangerous environment which call for a strong leader capable of pulling Americans together for a united front, what we have is a president who appears to be intent on dividing the nation by race. And now an American city edges nearer the precipice of an all out racial war, clearly a result of the racial politics this president and his party have encouraged.

Reminiscent of the petulant little boy who decides to ‘take his ball and go home’, President Obama is seemingly discounting the results of the most recent election, claiming that his focus is on the “two thirds” of the people who didn’t vote. Pathetically believing that all those individuals would have supported him, while discounting all the patriots who did vote, and who don’t support him. He’s a man who can’t seem to accept the fact that he and his policies have been roundly repudiated by the American people.

So as we here in America and our allies overseas approach the future with some trepidation, our adversaries are sharpening up their carving knives as they gleefully watch with amusement as the ‘Obama Drama’ plays out.