Obama Voting “Present”,….Again

Posted: Oct 21, 2014 12:01 AM

For the last six years America has been saddled with a president who continues to vote ‘present’ when faced with difficult leadership decisions. No other president has tried so hard to remove himself from any responsibility for any decision than this president has. No other president has been quick to lay blame at the feet of others for his own miscues (with the possible exception of Bill Clinton). Why do I say that ? Well, just take a look at the record.

ObamaCare - President Obama had no hand in drafting the legislation, he basically told Nancy Pelosi to ‘do something’, then hit the golf course while she and her Democratic Congressional colleagues concocted a bill of over two thousand pages. A bill which no one read, no one understands, and no one wants. The president argues that Republicans offered no alternative, which apparently is a lapse of memory since right before the vote he invited Republicans to the White House for a photo op to discuss Republican suggestions on how to deal with the health care “crisis”. Barack Obama sat there looking bored, and as soon as the meeting was over completely dismissed any suggestions the Republicans offered and had Nancy Pelosi go ahead with a vote on the monstrosity created by his party. Since the disastrous rollout of ObamaCare, the president has tried to place blame on everyone but himself for its’ failure. On ObamaCare, Barack Obama voted “Present”.

Iraq – President Obama inherited a situation in Iraq where the violence had been nearly eliminated, the American military was experiencing few casualties, and the country had begun to stabilize. There were still some political challenges ahead no doubt, but Iraq was on the path to becoming a valued partner in the Middle East. One obstacle needed to be overcome, a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). The same type of agreement we have negotiated with numerous other nations around the world with little difficulty. The Obama Administration could not attain a SOFA agreement through their half-hearted attempts at negotiating, and American forces were withdrawn. The country has now fallen into disarray. And very possibly may become a terrorist haven for the most brutal, psychotic terrorists now on the planet. On Iraq Barack Obama voted “Present”.

The Southwest Border – With no enforcement policy in place, swarms of illegal immigrants from Latin America are streaming across our southern border with Mexico. Unknown is how many others may be from ‘countries of interest’, those nations recognized by the U.S. government as sponsors of terrorism. The president has made no effort to secure the border to reduce or limit the amount of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. Considering the present concerns about Ebola, how many other illegal immigrants are crossing our borders carrying pathogens and illnesses that had been eradicated in the United States, but now present a serious health threat to Americans ? Once again, Barack Obama voted “Present”.

Ebola – As the dangerous Ebola virus runs rampant in parts of West Africa calls have been made across a wide spectrum for a travel ban from those countries, yet President Obama refuses to order a ban. And unfortunately isolated cases of Ebola have begun to appear here in the United States. It remains to be seen whether this dangerous disease can be contained in Africa and its’ spread to other nations, including the United States can be stopped. President Obama’s response ? Appoint a political hack, who reports by the way to Susan Rice, as his front man on this serious national security issue. I’ll sleep better at night…. On Ebola, Barack Obama voted “Present”.

The only issues that have occurred during President Obama’s Administration where he has done something other than vote “present” seem to have a racial factor. In Florida he claimed that if he had a son that son would look like Trayvon Martin. In response to the continuing unrest in Ferguson, Missouri and surrounding communities where black rioters continue to torment the police trying to maintain order, the president sent Attorney General Eric Holder along with representatives from the White House, to attend the funeral of the black teen shot by police. And after the arrest of the black college professor Henry Louis Gates early on in Obama’s first term, the president said the police “acted stupidly”.

So how did President Obama vote on these racial issues ? Did he show leadership and work to bring the country together and reduce racial tensions ? Did he vote ‘present’ again to avoid controversy and any responsibility ? Nope.

Barack Obama stepped up to the plate on these racial issues and enthusiastically voted “YES” !