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On the morning after election day 2020, after several Blue states mysteriously stopped counting their ballots as then President Donald J. Trump seemed on the cusp of reelection, I got a call from a prominent Democrat explaining two things to me.  The first was: “In 2016, the Democrats who run those Blue states did not expect Trump to beat Hillary Clinton in a million years, so had zero plans in place to reverse the reality.  Four years later, I can only assume they had every plan in place.”


The second comment this person made was the one that mattered – and cut – the most.  “For years now, Democrats have baked into every cake that no matter how vile they are; no matter what lines they cross; no matter what laws they break; no matter how much violence they incite; no matter how many promises they break; Republicans, conservatives, and people of traditional faith will just take it over and over again.  It is their nature to be civil.  It is their nature to turn the other cheek.  It is their nature to mind their own business.  It is their nature to grant forgiveness.  And for years, we have used those ‘decent’ traits to crush them and take over the country.” 

I, for one, can’t refute much of that. 

Enlist in the military and heroically fight against foreign enemies and terrorists.  You can count on Republicans, conservatives, and people of traditional faith every time.

Become a police officer or firefighter and protect your fellow citizens from crime, fires, and medical emergencies.  You can count on Republicans, conservatives, and people of traditional faith every time.

Donate to those without, or volunteer your time for those in need.  You can count on Republicans, conservatives, and people of traditional faith every time.

Protect the United States of America from within against those who smear, tear down, and cancel every single thing Republicans, conservatives, and people of traditional faith hold dear.  


Not so much.

Nothing happens in a vacuum.

For the last six decades, Democrats, liberals, and the far-left have gone about systematically taking over what I call the five major megaphones of our nation.  Those are the media, academia, entertainment, science, and medicine.

As they did, Republicans, conservatives, and people of faith, at first, did not realize it was happening.  But when the scope of the massive takeover finally dawned on them, they still did nothing. 

Five megaphones that have the power to bury questionable activities by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe, and Hunter Biden; the massive infiltration of the People’s Republic of China across our landscape; the erasure of our southern border; the destruction of the life-giving fossil fuel industry; the payoffs to the “Green” cartels; the power-hungry, election-changing dictates of the COVID cabal; the lockdown of the unwashed masses; the forced masking and vaccinations of the children of the powerless; armies of anarchists destroying all in their path while literally taking cities hostage; and the rise of a “Deep State” which views law-abiding, patriotic Americans as the “enemy.”

As this goes on, Republicans, conservatives, and people of faith wring their hands; criticize the horrific and even criminal acts of the far left and the anarchists to each other at church, the mall, family functions, across the backyard fence, or via biting and clever texts and emails.


Beyond that, they do…nothing.

“Surely,” they think.  “The Pendulum will soon swing the other way and the madness destroying our way of life will stop.  Someone will come to save us.”


There will be no Cavalry riding over the horizon at the last minute to save us.  We are on our own.  You…are on your own.  Much of the Republican and entrenched-elite-establishment sold out conservatives and people of faith years ago. 

You think that pendulum is going to swing back and save you?   There is no more pendulum.  It was torn down by far-left anarchists and now rests in a heap atop the broken statues of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and even Lincoln. 

The far-left has never felt so emboldened or…unchallenged.

No matter if you get involved or not, it is coming for you and your family.  Don’t believe that?  Simply read the recent headline in the far-left Washington Post trumpeting: “Newsom forms new group to fight ‘rising authoritarianism’ in red states”

Let that sink in for a moment.

Far-left California Governor Gavin Newsom – who is desperate to rule this nation – is coming for the “Red States.”  And why not.  In his mind, who’s to stop him?

Newsom knows what you’re afraid to admit to yourself.  Because they do control the five major megaphones; because they do have so many politicians and bureaucrats in their pocket; because they do control “Big-Tech”; because so many Republican “leaders” are chasing money; because most of our government, our district attorneys, and corporate America is “woke”; and because the real education of our next generation of “leaders” has been corrupted beyond repair, they can manufacture criminal charges against the leading candidate for the Republican nomination in 2024 while laughing to themselves at the ease of it all.


In the United States of 2023 – via the immense power they have combined with the fear to get involved exhibited by Republicans, conservatives, and people of faith – the far-left no longer must wait for elections - -fixed or otherwise – to bring down the opposition to their presidential candidate.  They simply have to activate one of their “useful idiots.” 

Earlier this week, this site ran the headline: “Conservatives Stunned by Bud Light's Latest Partnership.”  That, in relation to Bud Light partnering with a trans activist.  The piece mentioned that “Boycott calls are growing…”  Maybe, but over the years, I have worked with tens of CEOs and nothing makes them laugh harder than conservatives and people of faith announcing they are going to boycott a product in defense of their values.  As one CEO told me a few years ago: “We never worry about conservative or faith-based boycotts.  They never follow through.  That said, we always worry about threats of boycotts from the left because they always follow through.” 

Action equals change. 

In two very real ways, Jason Whitlock – formerly of ESPN, now part of Blaze Media, and a much-needed voice of reason – personifies both the problem and the possible solution.  Said Mr. Whitlock in part to Tucker Carlson after the indictment of Donald Trump:

“Tucker, I don't say this with pride, I really don't. I am just being factual. I've never voted…I am hardcore MAGA tonight. I will be voting, I am hardcore MAGA. I've never voted…But they have made me MAGA and they have made me ready for whatever is next because of what they are building for young people, I can't sit by and let it happen without raising my voice and without being willing to sacrifice whatever so that kids don't live in a communist Marxist society.”


I am happy to read that Mr. Whitlock does realize that every vote does count.  That getting involved does matter.  That every voice must rise.  

No one is coming to save him.  He must save himself.  

Glenn Beck -- Whitlock’s boss at the Blaze and a man with the power to affect positive change – said the quiet part out loud regarding the destruction of our nation from within: “…We'll have a currency collapse. We will live in a virtual police state. I know that might sound crazy to a lot of people. It's not far off. The Bill of Rights is gone. Nobody is paying attention. Where are the Republicans?...” 

Where, indeed. 

Back in 1949, via his book “1984,” George Orwell foretold of such totalitarian threats:

"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process continues day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right."

The Far-left “Party” is systematically destroying the United States from within.  But it is not they who are at fault for said destruction. 

As the quote attributed to Edmund Burke rightfully reminds us: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

To date -- minus the occasional inspiring exception -- Republicans, conservatives, and people of faith have been a “do nothing” machine in the face of the evil which walks our land.  As the most recent example, look at the non-votes by Republicans, conservatives, and people of faith in Wisconsin, which allowed that state’s Supreme Court to go far-left.  


You don’t have to get in the gutter with the far left to save your nation, but you do have to engage in the battle.  A battle that can – and must -- be won via peaceful means.

Every vote matters.  Election integrity matters.  Every local election matters.  Every school board matters.  Every referendum matters.  Creating schools, news sites, and academic institutions matters.  Careering into local, state, and federal government matters.  Defending free speech matters.  The Rule of Law matters.  Defending the rights of children matters.  Defending decency matters.  Fighting for faith matters.  Liberty matters.  Your future…matters.      

The anarchists, Soros, Newsom, and the far-left media truly believe Republicans, conservatives, and people of faith have given up.

Prove them wrong.  Protect your nation by saving…yourself.

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the book:  The 56 – Liberty Lessons from those who risked all to Sign The Declaration of Independence.    

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