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AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

One of the first casualties in the rhetorical war over COVID-19 was our Constitutionally-given right to question the “End of the World” computer model projections, the professors and “experts” creating and pushing those models, and their track records with such models from the past.


Myself and a number of others have been lit-up – or censored -- by some on the left for daring to simply question the accuracy of computer models which have upended civilization and given birth to draconian measures and rule.    

Draconian measures and rule which did slam down like an iron curtain.  Just two weeks after Imperial College in London first put out its computer model predicting upwards of 500,000 dead in the United Kingdom and 2,200,000 in the United States (which they have adjusted and dialed back at least twice as more factual information came in), Americans were being threatened with fines, arrest, and even imprisonment if they disobeyed the edicts of those draconian measures.

Two weeks.

Not in North Korea, Iran, or the People’s Republic of China where COVID-19 did originate, but right here in the United States of America.    

Tens of millions of Americans were rightfully horrified by the swiftness of these seemingly totalitarian actions.  But, more frighteningly, countless other Americans seemed to strongly support such punishing measures against their fellow citizens.

Including, informing on them.

Another casualty being telling simple truths.  Most especially if those truths reflect poorly upon those who have gained an unfair and unethical advantage in the domination of the square of public and global opinion.

A domination obtained in large-part through blatant, pervasive, and illegal discrimination employed by the left over the last several decades against conservatives, libertarians, moderates, and people of faith. Because of that discrimination, liberals have long had a strangle-hold on the three major megaphones of our nation.  


Those megaphones being the media, academia, and entertainment.

Unfortunately, as multitudes of conservative, libertarian, moderate, and even faith-based doctors and scientists will tell you, for the last two decades or more, that discrimination has also transformed much of science and medicine into one-party or one-ideology “group-think.”

Often, at the expense of not only the careers of highly talented and dedicated doctors and scientists, but at the expense of worthwhile theories and options.

That reality stated, when in the United States, as well as many nations around the world, liberal group-think does in-fact dominate the media, academia, science, medicine, and entertainment, then the scales of reasoned thought and honest debate are upended.  By omission or commission, those wielding that massive and often unchecked power can, and do, ignore, belittle, or crush any dissenting opinion.

With regard to COVID-19, instead of now vigorously and openly discussing all the options between “lockdown” to “Herd Immunity” – which, until reason went out the window, was always one of the most effective protocols and strategies used against these pandemics – we are suffering from “Herd Resistance” from those shouting down or even threatening anyone daring to question the draconian policies of “Lockdowns” and “Social Distancing” as mandated by the Orwellian “Big-Brother is watching you” computer models.

Except, I have spoken to a number of doctors over the last few weeks who do believe those computer models are flawed and strongly oppose the current lockdown policy.  They believe that there is a very good chance the virus is much more widespread than many believe, and therefore, impacts the “doom and gloom” projections of the models.  For that reason and more, they believe other options should and must be tried.  Options which do include staggering out the workforce as fast as possible with the young and healthy first in line so the nation and the world can get the protection of that “Herd Immunity.”


Unfortunately, these same doctors know they are in the minority – at the moment -- and that many of their colleagues who do agree with them have been forced into silence out of fear for their careers and the welfare of their own families.

Inflexible group-think dominating the media, academia, science, medicine, and entertainment will always be wrong and often, quite dangerous.  While it is indeed liberal “group-think” which dominates these fields now, it would be just as wrong and just as dangerous if it were conservative “group think.”

No side has every answer.  No person, political Party, or ideology is infallible.  No group or ideology should ever be given domain over the freedoms and lives of another.  We all grow, sustain ourselves, and indeed, survive precisely by keeping our minds and hearts open to any idea or any person who may have a better answer or solution.

For the moment, the dye has been cast on the collective “solution” to fighting and stopping COVID-19.  The “group-think” of worshipping – and defending at all costs -- the computer models has won with conservative and objective thinking pushed to the side.

However, as this pandemic crisis plays out to its increasingly tragic conclusions, -- and as more and more of those models are proven false --how do some continue to justify sacrificing and destroying the financial, mental, and physical well-being of the 99 percent to maybe protect and save the one percent?


Tens of millions of scared and exponentially suffering Americans – as well as billions of people in the same state around the world -- are desperate for a non-computer generated explanation.

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the book: The Forty Days – A Vision of Christ’s Lost Weeks.

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