The President Picks His White House General -- Now Advance

Posted: Aug 02, 2017 9:50 AM
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The President Picks His White House General -- Now Advance

The president deserves better.

The Office of the President deserves better.

And the American people deserve better.

Exit a Poster-Child for the entrenched establishment and enter General John Kelly. The personification of discipline and honor.

Donald J. Trump was elected president of the United States by Americans from all walks of life screaming in desperation to be saved from the entrenched establishments of both political parties.

In candidate Trump, the voters who stood in line for him saw a man who would not only blast fresh air through the sewer that is Washington politics, but hose it down with disinfectant and bug spray along the way.

Now that he is President Trump, he truly is fighting against all odds to push his agenda.

No president in modern politics has had the deck stacked so against him as Donald Trump.

At any given time – and usually all at once – he has to fight off the entrenched establishment of the Democratic Party; the entrenched establishment of the Republican Party; law-breaking leakers within his own government and intelligence agencies; the mainstream media which now openly declares itself as the “Opposition Party;” Hollywood and the entertainment industry; academia, faux-intellectuals and offended Neo-Cons throwing hissy-fits from their Ivory towers; foreign “intellectuals” inserting themselves in U.S. politics rather than trying to fix their own failing nations; and various foreign leaders snipping at him from the shadows.

With all of that going against him, what Donald Trump and the American people don’t need is infighting within The White House.

The White House truly is the “People’s House,” and it really is a rare honor to work there. As such, the people inside those hallowed hallways and offices always have an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner which respects and dignifies that honor.

To do otherwise just lays one more unneeded and self-created obstacle in front of a president trying to do his job.

As the president, General Kelly and Steve Bannon know, there really is pure evil in the world and much of that evil is marshaling all of its forces against the United States and her citizens.

The American people want and need The White House and their government to keep their head in the game and keep focused on those ever-growing threats.

More than that, they want and need a White House and government that will work together to solve the problems and heal the divides in their own country.

Americans also voted for Donald J. Trump because he vowed to put the needs of the American people first again. For too many years some of the nations in NATO and other countries have been playing us for chumps. Not only expecting us to clean up the messes in their own backyards, but then sucking the money out of the paychecks of hard-working Americans in the process. To the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. Money which could and should have been spent in the United States improving the lives of her citizens.

The wasteful “Nation Building” of the past must be redirected into rebuilding our nation. Thousands of heroic American troops have been lost in combat and tens of thousands wounded. Why? How is that part of the world or our nation better because of their tragic sacrifice?

How is that part of the world or our nation better after literally spending and wasting trillions of dollars? Money that is not produced by the U.S. government, but rather comes from the blood, sweat and tears of the American people.

To accomplish his agenda, President Trump needs and deserves a loyal and unified staff.

Everything is at stake and we have everything to lose.

The nonsense must stop and real progress must be made.

The American people are desperate for leadership and results.

General Kelly inside the White House gets them that much closer.