Finally, Real-World Experience Occupies the Oval Office

Posted: Mar 04, 2017 12:01 AM
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“This is how a real President acts. This is what real leadership looks like.”

No doubt, those were the thoughts of tens of millions of Americans who watched President Trump’s speech before a Joint session of Congress on Tuesday night.

The main reason Donald J. Trump was elected President in the first place was because those same tens of millions of Americans absolutely knew that over the last couple of decades, they had been abandoned by the “leadership” of their respective political parties. They knew these political “leaders” were either incompetent, were putting their reelection and the welfare of their political parties well before them, or were the creations of political correctness or a family name.

They knew that real-world experience actually mattered and that the previous two men elected President had none or virtually none and that they were forced to pay a heavy price because of that truth.

For the last sixteen years, millions of these Americans looked toward the Oval Office and saw first, a man who admirably “found himself at forty years of age,” but who had little practical experience, who skated through much of his life on his father’s name, and for a host of reasons – many legitimate and many debatable – got our nation involved in a disastrous war in Iraq. A war which saw the destruction of a nation which was the natural buffer to Iran, resulted in the loss of over four thousand American soldiers, the wounding of over thirty thousand, and the deaths of at least two hundred thousand Iraqi civilians and counting. And for what?

As President Trump pointed out in his speech, aside from the precious blood of our men and women in uniform, our nation spent trillion of dollars in that area. Trillions. Again, for what? How is Iraq, the Middle East, our nation or the world even remotely better off today than before that conflict of choice?

Next, the American people got a President who was inserted in the protective and unquestioning bubble of political correctness at about twenty years of age, who kept his grades, his transcripts, his SAT scores, his I.Q. and much of his early life a state secret, and who had virtually no real-world-work experience. At least none that was not handed to him on a silver platter.

Purely because of his lack of real-world experience, coupled with his socialist views of the world, he proceeded to decimate our health-care system, force millions of Americans into poverty and onto food stamps, create more debt than the combined debt of every president before him, weaken our military to the breaking point, and cause our allies to no longer trust us. All while playing over three hundred rounds of golf and squeezing in more vacation time than most Americans will take in a lifetime.

Fortunately for this President who was schooled by some truly reprehensible Socialists, Marxists and haters, he and his wife begin their new lives as a former President and former First Lady with a book deal valued somewhere between $30 to $60 million.

As someone who spouts Socialism and the redistribution of wealth, maybe he can be convinced to give most of those tens of millions of dollars to the families of the approximately 4,000 murder victims (about equal to U.S. losses in Iraq and more than U.S. losses in Afghanistan) in his “hometown” of Chicago during his eight years as President. Surely, he won’t forget that he once lectured a hardworking plumber that “when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

As this failed-former President cashes in, the American people have moved on.

Today, they know the real-deal when they see it. In President Trump they do know that there is finally someone in the Oval Office who worked in the private sector for decades, who created tens of thousands of jobs for American citizens, who negotiated tough deals with local, state and international governments, and who is willing to work with any and all parties to get things done for the welfare of our nation.

Finally, the time of political dynasties, politically-correct created presidents, party hacks and amateur-hour is over.

In a desperate move to save themselves and their nation, the American people voted in real-world experience and leadership.

The results so far, are more than promising.

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