Barbara Walters Discovers That Obama Isn't The Messiah

Posted: Dec 22, 2013 12:01 AM

For those who believe in traditional values, Christmas, and the holiday season in general for all those of faith, represent a very special and even sacred time of reflection, gratitude and hope.

Unless of course, you are one of the leading voices of the liberal mainstream media and you want to intimate yet again that Barack Obama may be at least a figurative deity here on Earth.

Said multi-millionaire, literally limousine-liberal Barbara Walters in response to CNN's further left-leaning Piers Morgan's question about why Obama is struggling so much at the moment:

"He made so many promises. We thought he was going to be — I shouldn't say this at Christmas time — but the next Messiah."

Wow! Well, Walters did just say it at Christmas time. Why?

First, who is the "we" she is referencing? That would be the other ultra-wealthy liberals from Hollywood, the media, entertainment, the new social-media billionaires and most tenured and unionized academia who have deluded themselves into believing this to be the case.

From their insular bubble of privilege where they are sealed off from the vast majority of their fellow citizens, they turned the unquestioned worship of Obama into a new theology. Once that virtual house of worship was created, they believed Obama could and would do no wrong.

Unfortunately for them, they made this assumption from a platform of pure ignorance coupled with a complete lack of intellectual curiosity. Even now, five years into his presidency, Walters — like the rest of us — knows next to nothing about Obama.

Like so many from the left, she has assigned him the title of being "brilliant." When you ask them how they came to such a conclusion when Obama himself has refused to release his college transcripts, SAT scores, IQ tests or any evidence whatsoever, they fall back to the same explanation over and over again: He reads a good speech from a teleprompter.

Now, many of these same ignorant or unquestioning liberals are concluding that maybe they were sold a bill of goods and their self-proclaimed deity on Earth might have feet of clay.

As so many of us already understood, they are also coming to the realization that Obama was actually placed into the protective bubble of political correctness at about the age of 20, and has had much or all of his "success" handed to him every step of the way with various people behind the curtain writing the words, crafting the real estate deals and creating the legend.

As Walters now seems aware, her deity on Earth was elected to an office where there is no time for on-the-job training and where inexperience, narcissism, lack of a work ethic and being out of touch with the most common problems of the average American are quickly exposed.

Human nature dictates that we tend to embrace the truth right up until the moment it reflects poorly upon ourselves or our cause. With that truism in mind, there can be no denying that many from the mainstream media deliberately ignored certain truths or shortcomings about Obama because his beliefs dovetailed so nicely with their own.

Now, a growing number of liberals in the mainstream media who — unlike Walters and various Hollywood and entertainment moguls — do have to worry about paying their mortgage, feeding their children, keeping their jobs and having good, non-socialized health care are beginning to at least acknowledge Obama is flawed and human after all, and his policies might run counter to their own welfare.

During the "Christmas time" Walters mentioned, maybe she and the majority of the mainstream media can cease worshipping their false "Messiah" and instead give their fellow Americans the best present of all — the truth.