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President Obama knows for a fact what many in the Republican Party — especially it's "leadership" — fail to understand or acknowledge: the GOP is not only irrelevant, but impotent as it flails about in search of convictions, some backbone, national support and an honest message.


The just released self-described "autopsy" report by the Republican National Committee merely confirms that truth.

Beyond the president, this new reality has dawned on all but the most partisan Republicans or consultants to the RNC.

It has become crystal clear that a growing number of liberals in positions of power have little or no respect for what remains of the Republican Party and even less fear of its waning power and influence.

To be fair, a big reason the leadership of the Democrat Party thinks this way is because many liberals in the media, academia, and Hollywood agree — and are spreading that new narrative.

To a majority of conservatives and others, the far-left not only controls the megaphone of the nation, but — as President Obama made evident during his inaugural speech — it is proactively and literally attempting to rewrite American history as it bends the United States Constitution to frame its growing nanny-state ideology.

Next, the president and the Democrat leadership have little to no respect or fear of the GOP because what they see before them is a fractured party, untethered to principle or traditional values that are being run into the ground by an aging and out-of-touch white-male establishment.

Again, the just released report from the RNC — which insults all who hold traditional values dear — strongly confirms this perception.


Because of this political reality, the president and his allies know — and are counting on — an even greater truth.

Not only do they no longer respect or fear the GOP, but they know full-well that millions of conservatives and people of faith have lost respect for a party that has all but turned its back on the words and deeds of Ronald Reagan.

With that knowledge comes certainty for the Democrats. As in the certainty that many of these traditional values voters will stay home rather than vote for a Republican who has morphed into a liberal or compromised on the most important issues of the day.

If you are the Obama White House and the Democratic National Committee, you can most certainly build this reality into your voter models and capitalize on it going forward.

Why, even some of the most "Obama-worshiping" historians would admit that one of the main reasons Obama won re-election in 2012 was because so many of these principled conservative Americans stayed home rather than vote for a questionable candidate being rammed down their throats by the GOP establishment.

Who controls the Republican Party today?

Who will control it a year or two from now when the election process is in full motion?

Who ordered and wrote this compromised RNC report?

Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida are both impressive politicians and are getting some good ink and airtime, but chances are, it will be almost entirely the same entrenched establishment who have sold-out across the board while enriching themselves.


If you are an American seeking to expand the party and be rid of the entrenched Republican establishment, it's a bleak and depressing future.

If you are a far-left politician, media-mogul, or entertainment executive, the sky is the limit as the Republican Party continues to self-destruct and abandon the moral high ground.

Liberal Democrats can and should be confronted from a solid foundation of principles, conviction and traditional values.

Unfortunately for the nation, from President Obama on down, when they gaze across the aisle at the Republican Party, they see little that causes them alarm.

Worse, as the RNC report shows, they see a party running from its own principles.

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